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Can we please get a rework or buff for the spell, Plot?

By Beolupus - SUBSCRIBER - May 21, 2020, 23:10:37

Can we please get a rework or buff of the plot spell? It's among the weakest buffs in the game, and almost seems like a filler spell as if they didn't want to come up with anything else. Casting it usually grants unnoticeable difference, and to make it even better, it doesn't even have a spell animation. So the rest of your group just thinks you're literally doing nothing when casting it.

I would suggest either a buff such as:
50 dodge (2 turns)
50 damage (2 turns)

or a complete rework into a different spell. Sram would benefit greatly from a charge spell for closing distance like sacs and iops have.

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If that spell doesn't suit you, use it's variant. I wish Sadida's had a buff spell like that, I'd say it's an extremely good buff. And about your new spell option, seriously? A sram with a spell for closing distance? You have invis, you have traps that move you and the enemy, you can switch place with the double. If you cannot reach your enemy you are not playing your class right.

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I lost you at "it's an extremely good buff"

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This guy has no idea what he's talking about. It's an extremely useful spell for executions after traps and poison has been laid out. Keep it as it is smile

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Yeah, no. The buff is fine. At most increase the duration by 1 turn, if that. Sram as a class already has access to burst damage and mobility. 

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