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Full Sram Guide

By HeLmZ#1299 - SUBSCRIBER - January 20, 2010, 14:57:16
My Wicked Guide For Srams

Hello there.
After seeing a lot of questions asked about what to level first, and what to do to become the strongest etc. I decided I'd make a guide that answered all those questions based on my experience as a Sram.
I've been a Sram for quite some time. I started being sram a few years ago, but had a break for about 1½ year. But now I'm back in the game and kicking arse.
I'm level 199 at the moment, so I should be able to give advices for all levels.

If you find any spelling mistakes etc. I'm sorry smile English isn't my primary language.

First of all, you might ask yourself: "Should I go Str or go Agi?"
And there's no real answer to that. It all depends on how much time you got, amount of kamas and if you have a high level alt.

I've tried to list the good and bad things about strenght and agility.
Here goes smile

EDIT: A lot of items has been added since, and I am unable to keep tracking what equipment to wear, so some equipment might be outdated, but still - it worked for me smile Hope I manage to inspire you.

Strength or Agility?

Str srams has a lot of advantages that agi srams really really lack.

They have spells that isn't linear
Str srams has a long range on devousness (which can deal +200 on later levels).
Lethal Attack can deal mortal damage in the right gear.
Even tricky traps can deal +150 dmg and only costs 2ap to make.
Strength equip often turn out to be cheaper. (At least in the low levels)
Easy to play in all levels

Str has a lot of negative sides too.
Double (and yourself) rarely locks people.
A lot of monsters/Players has a lot str/neut res.
Hard to get a decent crit rate.
People searching for Srams is mostly looking for agi srams.
Limited range on key-spell

On the other hand you have agi. Agi has a lot of advantages too.
High damage on medi-range - Con (Able to deal +450dmg against 0 res on later levels)
Able to lock pretty much all classes (depends on build)
Easy to get a decent crit rate.
Insidious Poison is able to do up to 180 dmg. (Depends on level and gear)

Negative sides:
All agi spells is linear. (except Moon Hammer)
Range is a lot shorter then str spells.
Traps is dealing low damage.
No element buff
Very hard to train in low levels.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If you just created your Sram, and you want to be an Agi Sram I STRONGLY recommend you to play Strength Sram until level 70-130 (Preferibly +120)
ALL the friends I have that made an Agi Sram from level 1 has changed class into something easier.
It is very hard to play an agi sram below level 70. And the first "real" agi gear is unlocked at level 12x.
That being said, it is not impossible to start out as an agi sram, it's just more challenging.

Strength srams work at all levels and shouldn't be too challenging for new Sramies to play.

This part is obvious to most people, but in case we have some newcomers here:
Here's a short explanation what to boost and why.

First of all: Scrolling before you boost your element is recommended! But it is very expensive.

Stats for Str Srams:
You should boost all your points in Strength.
First of all strength gives you more Pods, so you can carry more mats (materials).
But the main reason to boost strength is because strength boosts your Neutral and Earth damage.
Since all of your attacks should be Neut / Earth damage, there's no reason to boost anything else then Strength.

Stats for Agi Srams:
Put all your point in Agility.
It raises your damage dealt, your dodge/lock rate, and increases your Critical Hits

Boosting Vit is not recommended. - It might help you out in some situations, but in the long run you will regret it and will be forced to reset.
Boosting Wis is a good idea - IF you have a high level main to train you to the higher levels fast.

Int and Chance is pointless since you have no spells dealing this form of damage.


Strength Sram:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Spells for Strength Srams

Your level and money limits your amount of spell points, but this give you an idea of what to use and what to leave

Devousness: Max wink
Chakra Concentration: Max
Lethal Attack: Max
Fear: Max
Paralyzing Trap: Max. This spell is very evil and is often the key to a victory.
Invisibility: Max wink
Mass Trap Max
Weapon Skill Max (Most Srams use Daggers since it's the class weapon, but no necessarily the one you have to use) smile

Tricky Trap: Level 1-6. It really depends on how much you're using it and how important you find it.

Lethal Trap: It's not a must have. I leveled this, but didn't use it very much. There are other spells that needs to be leveled before this.
Double: Although double doesn't lock a lot of people as a str build, it often turns out to be quite handy. Especially with the 2AP cost it has got in level 6. Leveling this is not a must, but it's recommended.
Location: The more you PvP against srams, the more you'll realize the importancy of this spell. In lower levels it's often the one with the highest level Location that turns out to win. It also have a nice range buff. I'd suggest you level it, but doing so will limit your ability to level other usefull spells.
Poisoned Trap: I have honestly never found this spell important. Other srams seems to level it though. So I'd say its your call whether you level it or not.
Repelling Trap A very usefull spell, but should first be leveled when you have locations and/or double leveled.
Chakra Impulse Leveling this is usefull, no doubt. But it's kinda pointless too. As a str sram you often turn out to have a ridiculous crit rate (depends on dofuses and other epic gear of course) Using this spell would increase your crit rate a lot, but it won't make it close to good. Spending spell points in this is not a waste, but not top priority either. (at least not before you leveled other more usefull spells)


Equipment for Srength Srams
It is hard to define exactly what things to wear, since they all give different buffs. If you're looking for str you have to wear one sort, if you're looking for +dmg you need to wear something completly different and I could go on and on.
But here's at least some suggestions abuot what to wear.
This section might turn out to be very wrong, since I can't really remember what I wore when I was at low levels.
Well, my suggestion of what to use will be short and will not always fill out all the equipment spots, since there is a lot of items giving different bonuses.. Here's a list on all Strength Equipment and hopefully you can drag some inspiration from your own observations and theories.
Going with the flow and wearing what everyone else is wearing isn't always the best solution for you.

Level 0-10

Go with a simple Adventure Set for wis and strength.

Level 10-30

Get yourself a gobball set. At level 20 you'll be able to wear it able giving +1ap and decent strength buffs.

30-40 (Possibly 45)

Either stay in Gobball Set, mix it with prespic, or go full prespic for wisdom.
At level 40-45 Earth Kwak Set and Green Scaraleaf set will be unlocked. Both of them are good sets with decent strength buffs.
Green Scaraleaf set is a lot cheaper then Earth Kwak Set, and still offer good stats. Earth Kwak Set is a bit expensive compared to other level 40 Stuff, but the bonuses is great. Full set gives you mp, ap, range and summon.

At level 83 you'll be able to use full Terrdala set. It does offer a very nice amount of strenght and other bonuses, including 2 AP bonus from wearing full set.
It's cheap and shouldn't take long time to buy it - but.
When I was in that level I didn't enjoy using the set, I prefed going with a custom set which didn't have set bonuses, but suited my play style.
My memory doesn't allow me to remember the full set at the moment, but some of the things I wore was Blessdags, Rags, Winged Boots, Charfeerce Belt, 2 Young Vald's Rings and Royal Gobball Amulet. Although a lot of this stuff was meant for level 40-60 players it really added some nice strength and I managed to get a decent crit rate with Close Combat.
At level 70 I actually changed into a Bow/Dagger Sram, using Fishing Bow for large map. The crit rate was still good and the damage was around 200-300 per close combat.
I used this set, with success until level 100 where I changed to Chief Bwork Set

Level 100
This level is sorta "Point of no return" for Srams, 'cause it's around this level we really start to do what we were meant to.
Going for 10 AP, to be a Lethal Attack sram is very nice, and worked perfectly for me.
Some prefer daggs and relying on crits - in that case I suggest you make an agi sram instead.

Chief Bwork Amulet
Chief Bwork's Briefs*
Chief Bwork's Boots
Chief Bwork's Cloak*
Chief Bwork's Helmet
Chief Bwork's Bracelet

*Change either Cape or Belt to:

Powerful Dazzling Belt
Dazzling Cloak

Both of these a expensive(-ish), and to do it cheaper you can get a cheap +1 AP weapon.
What ever you do works.

NOTE: At level 110 it's possible to get Powerful Dazzling Cloak, which often turns out to be 50% cheaper than Dazzling Cloak.

For what weapon goes at level 100 I can't give you any advices. There are a lot of weapons.
With 10 AP your concern shouldn't be a high dmg weapon, but instead a nice +element/dmg weapon.

Between level 110 and 120 a lot of people prefer using Ancestral Treechnid Set, but it is a lot more expensive than Chief Bwork Set.
Use whatever you find suiting smile

Level 120-ish
At level 120-ish (+-10 levels) a lot of awesome stuff is unlocked.
You should go with a custom set and don't focus on wearing a lot of set pieces from one specific set.
The following things you should give some thoughts and consider trying:
Solomonk or Dora Bora or Snailmet (The hat)
Crowish Belt or Dreggon Belt
Moowolf Ring (and keep Gelano)
Moowolf Boots
Regah Daggers
Get Powerful Dazzling Cloak for 10 AP
.. This is just some of the equipment unlocked. Go check the link at the top of the Equipment section to see all Strength Equipment.
And once again. Find a weapon that suits you. Either go for +element/dmg or go for Dagger Sram and find a good pair of daggs that you like.

As you level more and more Moowolf Set pieces will be unlocked to you and you should try to get the full set.

After this level you should be able to find gear yourself and shouldn't be needing this guide anymore smile

Tips N' Tricks for Strength Srams
Scrolling Agility as much as possible is often rewarding. You can dodge lock a lot of enemies, in PvP and PvM, and you'll be able to save a lot of bread.

If you ever fight another Sram, and his double is in-between you and you fail to dodge lock it do either of following things:
1) Then you should use Invisibility of Others on it and use Lethal Attack on your opponent who's hiding behind Double.
2) Then you should place a Repeling Trap next to you and either wait for your enemy to walk into it or place a double in the glyph and make it push you away.

When fighting Iops, Xelors and Ecas you'll experience that some of them tend to jump away all the time. Most of them know that Mass Trap and Lethal Trap is a linear spell, which is why it's so hard to make them walk into them sometimes. To surprise them you simply have to place traps randomly around on the turns you have some spare ap. When they jump away they have no chance of knowing where the traps is. It worked for me smile

Going into narrow areas is often a huge advantage. Spamming traps everywhere on the ground forces your enemy to walk into them.

Using Fishing Bow against low HP'ed monsters (such as those in Gobb Dun) saves you a lot of time due to the fact that you don't have to walk as far as you're used to, to reach them.

I'll add more Tips N' Tricks as I come to think of more smile

If you still have questions concerning 'How to build a sram' then feel free to PM either Cwap or Kiks on Rushu or post it in here.

I'll add an Agi Build later.

Feel free to comment smile

- Kiks
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Agility Sram

- Feedback from Capwi has been added. His comment is on page 3
His comments about equipment is tagged with his name so that you can see his thoughts and my thoughts. However, some of the equipment he mentions was not even in the game when I was below level 100, so in my opinion, follow his recommendations, not mine smile
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Check for Agi Stats at the top


Spells for Agility Sram
Invisibilty: Max - key spell
Insidious Poison: Max - Only Agi Spell that doesn't break invisibility
Mistake: Recommended leveling in lower levels as it's the only agi spell before level 70 that deals direct Agi Damage. At higher levels it should be unlearned and skills should be used better.
Double:: A very usefull Spell. Level it smile A low cooldown could save your life.
Location: Another extremely usefull spell - should be maxed as soon as you have leveled other impotant things (Con, Double, Moon Hammer etc.)
Paralyzing Trap: Level 5-6.
Repelling Trap: Another great spell, that allows you to dodge and move closer to enemies. Should be leveled after Location.
Fear: Max smile
Con: Max - Most important spell in your arsenal
Chakra Impulse: Who doesn't like a nice crit rate? Max (Unless you have a turq or other stuff that gives you 1/2 crit rate.)
Moon Hammer: Level 5-6. This spell is the only Agi Spell that doesn't require Linear, it steals Range too. Must have smile
Jinx: A lot of people recommend you not to level this spell. I leveled it and was very happy, but it should only be leveled once all the other important spells is leveled.
Weapon Skill: Max this! It is often a better solution to level this before other agi spells (such as mistake and moon hammer), due to the fact that daggers (or another kind of weapon) often deals a lot more damage then spells offers.

Equipment for Agility Srams

It's hard to decide what equipment for an agility Sram to wear, since the equipment for Agi Srams at low levels are limited.
Agi Srams at low levels will have a hard time, because high damage spells won't be the first ones you get.
As mentioned earlier: going str until level 70-120 is recommended

However, although I say this to all my friends who makes a Sram, none of them listens to me. They all go for agi srams right away,
which is why is might as well add some information about Agi Srams below lvl 70 smile

Level 1-38

Go with a nicely maged Adventure Set. You will be needing some str too at low lvls, since the traps will be quite usefull without you

At level 38 you should get yourself a wicked Prespic Set, that can guarentee you some fast levels.
You should focus mainly on wis, until you reach level 42 or 46.
At level 42 you are able to wear White Kwak Set, which offers some great bonuses, such as AP, MP, Range and most important Agi.
However, that set is quite expensive compared to the set you are able to weat at lvl 46: White Scaraleaf Set.
That set does not offer the same bonuses, but it certainly still holds some nice agi boosts.
However: According to Capwi: MTC+Toady+weapon (either Hidsad or Carni Staff) + wis fillers would work better than White Scara or Kwak.
Level 70
Now things starts to be a bit more exciting smile At this level you are able to wear Aerdala Set.
Note from Capwi: While Aerdala Set is decent, the daggers are only effective at 1/2, and even then, Blessdags easily outclasses it. Furthermore, it would be more advantageous to maximise Con damage at this level.
This set should be worn until lvl 100-ish
That being said, theres an alternative at level 80: Royal Coco Blop Set. - I never tried this set, but you should take a look at it, it has some neat bonuses

Capwi: Bidjiz+Royal Coco Blop + Mad Tofu Cloak + King Jellix Crown + 1 Crit Gelano = 1/2 on Con without buffs. However, a custom set to maximise range and crits could work better for damage, but IMO the above gives nice Wisdom while maintaining high Agility. Royal Coco Boots + Barbrossa (sp?) Hat + Bidjiz + Event Belt + MTC + Gelano are certain pieces that an Agility Sram should take a look at if you want more range and damage on Con.

At level 108 you are able to wear both Black Rat and White Rat set.
Both sets are great for agi srams - Black Rat Set is focused on Agi and Trap Dmg which is great if you are thinking of using traps too.
White Rat Set, however, does not offer these stats, but offers Agi, +2 AP, Str and other great stats.
Notice: Black Rat Daggers cannot be gotten to 1/2 with BR set. So a custom set would probably be better. White Rat set is more of a hybrid-sram set.

When you reach level 12x-ish, a lot of awesome agi gears is unlocked. You should no longer look for great sets, but costum your own.
You should be using stuff like:
Harry Boots
Spring Leaf
or Dreggon Amulet
- Spring Leaf offers range, but no wis.
- Dreggon Amulet offers crits, wis but no range. I personally liked Spring Leaf the most. (Use Dreggon Amulet if you can't make 1/2 [or any other decent crit rate] without it)
Dragon Pig Ring
Gelano with nizzle agi or summon (I prefer +summon tbh) or a crit-maged Gelano could come in handy if you're lacking that 1 crit for 1/2 on 1/30.
Light Treeckler Belt or BR Belt
White Rat Cloak
or Powerful Dazzling Cloak (At level 130: LOTR Ceremonial Cape)

Now, the important question is: What weapon to wear?
There are several options, but not many possibilities (Unless you are filthy rich at this level). If you have the kamas to buy scrolls you won't have any issues getting a good pair of daggers.
Black Rat Daggers is first option. It's cheap and doesn't require any hard stats to be equiped, the damage is decent and the stats aren't that bad either.
Regah Daggers is the second option. It deals damage twice - the requirements are a bit tricky though. At least I know I couldn't get 100 str with the equip I had back then
and it does lack some crits in the bonuses.
Dagger Manic is another great pair of daggers. It deals damage twice (both high dealing hits), great stats, but once again the requirements are a bit harsh for some.
And finally Ramougre's Setter. Derfinetally my favourite daggs at that level. The damage isn't better then the other daggs, but the AP stealing makes up for it. However the requirements on this one is tough. 200 str is required.
Notice: the 1/30 Fail rate on Setters makes them annoying to use.

- I had all of these daggs, but never equipped anything else then BR Daggs. I thought I could get enough str, but I couldn't smile I used BR daggs until 143 where I changed to Ressif.

As for mounts: If you need more summons (Double Army FTW!) you should go with Summon, Init and Agi Mount. However, most Srams use Range (or MP) + Agi mount.


Tips N' Tricks for Agi Srams

When you reached +100, Agi Srams starts to be fun smile
As an Agi Sram you will need to be tactical and evil. You spells are linear and only mid-ranged. What I did, in order to get closer to enemies, was to Paralyze Trap them, Invis and Repel Trap. Then I would be a lot closer to them. Then I can start buffing myself and poisening them.

While you are invis, one of your main jobs is to look for at Double-lock-possibility. If you are able to push your enemy/double next to your double/enemy and make sure that the enemy is not able to push the double back, then try to do that. If you double-locked your enemy, and he has no chance of escaping you've won the fight.

If you are fighting other Agi Srams, and their double is running right towards you, you will often take a chance and try to dodge it. Don't.
I've fought hundres of agi srams, and even with +1k agi I've been locked by Agi Sram with only 700 agi. The dodge/lock update really f*cked us. It's better to use the 2 AP and the push the opponents double away than losing 5 AP because you had 60% of dodging against but still failed. Always play it safe against other Agi Srams.

If you are fighting Sacs, it not necessarely a good idea to nail them to the ground using Con and CC. An evil way of defeating Sacs is simply by playing newb-style. Go invis, stay ranged and go poison-frenzy. They won't get any buffs and if they manage to hit you their hits will be low.

I'll add more Tips N' Tricks as I come to think of them wink

Tips from Capwi

You can effectively delay the fight forever, with the use of Double. I've seen an acquaintance make a few Sacriers rage-quit the match because he kept IP-ing them and locking them with Double to prevent them from ever hitting him. 'course they were all Int Sacriers. This tactic might not work when they can do enough damage to kill your Double quickly. Also, a trick to avoid Attraction when you're staying ranged, besides the use of Repelling Trap, is to Tricky Trap one space in front of you. Sure, you take minor damage, but you avoid getting hit by the Sacrier's CC. Also, never Paralysing Trap the Sacrier when you're visible. He'll just Co-op you and Attract you, making you trigger your own Paralysing Trap. And you can't rely on him co-oping you out of a Paralysing Trap you placed on yourself, most times, unless you played against him before, in which case, go for it. Messing with the enemy's mind is essential for Srams =)

Another thing that some newbies might not know is that if you pass your turn while your character is running, your character card does not display how much MP you've used, which is very useful when invisible. Make use of this to avoid detection while invis.

- Kiks

Thanks to Capwi for feedback smile

As of lvl 199 I managed to get Fuji set and turn hybrid. I've always been against hybrid builds because I prefered to be pure element.
However, being hybrid is the most fun I've had as a sram. The build is so varied and you get the best of both sides.
I'm not able to give a deep guide to the hybrid build as I haven't done it before I turned 199 and therefore not able to give tips on equipment in the low levels.
What I can say though I my thoughts about hybrid and what's good and bad about it.
At the moment I have Fuji set + turq + other hybrid equipment giving me tons of str and agi, 6 mp, 9 ap, +3 range, +2 summon and 1/2 on everything except Lethal Attack.

Good things
Hybrid builds offer the best of both str and agi builds.
A huge range, unlinear and with high damage, especially in linear.
Traps is very usefull which makes invis much more vital.
You're str spells are improved while still having a high lock/dodge ability
You can easily achieve a very high crit rate.
You will be stronger. I have been able to kill many characters I was unable to kill before.

Bad things
The build is quite expensive!
You will need a big amount of spell scrolls if you want the majority of usefull spells leveled.

But other then that, I can warmly recommend hybrids builds as they are very effective and offer the biggest variaty of spells and possibilities.
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You should either add to the equipment section or delete it. It seems like you tried to lengthen the guide by simply adding a couple of bandwagon sets/stats. You mentioned a few other pieces (almost all 100+) but you definitely missed more. A Sram at that level should know what to gear towards

A guide is meant to guide people in a certain direction. You just pointed there

I'm interested to see your next section, though. I've seen some of your posts around the forum and you're nothing but helpful when it comes to the specifics
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Thanks for the feedback.
I know the Equipment Section looks quite harmless so far, and for what Strenght Equip goes I'm quite unsure due to my lack of memory wink
I'll be adding more and more as time goes by.
I was only Strength Sram until level 120 so I have to check a lot of stuff befure posting it in this guide.
But I'll definetly add more Strength Equip advices later on.
I am planning on making a short 'What to wear'-section for every 10 levels. 10, 20, 30 etc.

The Agi build will be a lot more detailed, since I have most experience in Agi wink
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What about hybrid srams?
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I'd like to post something about Hybrid Srams, but I have no experience - at all - with hybrid srams.
I've always been 100% str or 100% agi.
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dang, you should try hybrid, 'tis fun.
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when will the agi guide will be available? tongue
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SoldierSeven|2010-01-23 07:51:00
when will the agi guide will be available? tongue

Will probably take some time, since I've got like 3 times more knowledge about Agi builds than str builds.
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Str Srams rule! Most of them are more defensive. I however have figured a way to be offensive Str Sram
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simomate|2010-01-24 13:10:00
Str Srams rule! Most of them are more defensive. I however have figured a way to be offensive Str Sram

That's just wrong.
Why do you find Str Srams defensive?
What about 10 AP Srams who goes close up and spams Lethal Attack? Is that defensive to you?
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im feeling so frustrated right now... im a lvl 111 agi sram and i cant beat anybody, I hate relying on crits, they HATE me :@ i get like 1 crit every 5-7 hits with 1/2... maybe I have very little hp (1072)? sad help me.. im starting to hate my sram
0 0
Score : 2666
SoldierSeven|2010-01-24 20:14:00
im feeling so frustrated right now... im a lvl 111 agi sram and i cant beat anybody, I hate relying on crits, they HATE me :@ i get like 1 crit every 5-7 hits with 1/2... maybe I have very little hp (1072)? sad help me.. im starting to hate my sram

Hmm, well. If you hate relying on crits you've chosen the wrong build. Agi Srams deals semi-good dmg with no crits, but awesome damage with crits.
At level +120 more and better agi gear will be unlocked.
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Score : 67
HeLmZ|2010-01-24 12:35:00
Hmm, well. If you hate relying on crits you've chosen the wrong build. Agi Srams deals semi-good dmg with no crits, but awesome damage with crits.
At level +120 more and better agi gear will be unlocked.

i didnt hated relying on crits until today :wacko:
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Ummm what about the Spell Tricky Blow?

Is your guide based on Dofus 2.0? A lot of older sram guides I read don't seem to be as applicable anymore because Srams have changed so much since the beginning.
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Score : 8156
Shadow-Rift|2010-01-25 16:19:00
Ummm what about the Spell Tricky Blow?

Is your guide based on Dofus 2.0? A lot of older sram guides I read don't seem to be as applicable anymore because Srams have changed so much since the beginning.

He just posted the thing 5 days ago, so it's obviously based upon 1.29/2.0 mechanics.
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Shadow-Rift|2010-01-25 23:19:00
Ummm what about the Spell Tricky Blow?

Is your guide based on Dofus 2.0? A lot of older sram guides I read don't seem to be as applicable anymore because Srams have changed so much since the beginning.

As Kiba said, yeah. This is an up-to-date guide.
Focused on 2.0 and 1.29 (There's not really a difference).

About Tricky Blow:
I do not suggest you level it. If you need it for Push Back you get a spell at level 60, Fear, which allows you to choose how far you wish to push the enemy back. If you need it for damage you should use other spells instead.
If you want it to push the enemy into traps before level 60, spending a few points in it wouldn't be a total waste. But leveling it is not necessary. I never leveled it.
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Score : 67
will you include some kind of PvP strategy? tongue
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SoldierSeven|2010-01-26 14:35:00
will you include some kind of PvP strategy? tongue

Well, sorta.
I'm going to post a few tips and tricks that helps you fighting the different classes
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Strength Sram Guide is now done and I'll start working on the Agi Build
Feel free to comment.

Enjoy smile
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