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Full Sram Guide

By HeLmZ#1299 - SUBSCRIBER - January 20, 2010, 14:57:16
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encouraged me to be a sram great guide smile 
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Hey man, need some more advice.

I'm currently 179lvl (STR), can you give some advice on what equipment I should get for the best PvP results?

I've been using my Moo set since forever and people keep telling me "make a custom set". But I have no idea what that custom set should be made of.

With my current Moo set, I crit about 600-700+ with Youyettes. Is there any custom set out there that can top that?
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Ok, I have some questions. I'm trying to get 5MP without an Emerald dragoturkey. The only way I know how to do this (for the 120 set) is to replace the White Rat Cloak with a Mad Tofu Cloak. I'm trying to get my set good for both PvE and PvP. Just wondering if there is any other way than to use the Mad Tofu Cloak. I don't want any expensive methods, though, like MP/AP Gelano, or MP maged Solmonk, please.

Also, at 150, I plan to get Ice Daggers because they give +1MP, so I could replace my Mad Tofu Cloak with something better. I'm gonna scroll my str for the Ice Daggers, too. I'm just wondering if there is a different way to get 5MP rather than getting Ice Daggers for that +1MP. But, if you think my plan to get Ice Daggers is better for level 150, please tell me so I will do this instead.

That's all. tongue Please comment!

Also, nice guide! :3
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Hi there!
I just wanted to ask about Mistake. Im totally new to Srams, but at low lvls at least, it seems great. And if im surrounded, I get more total damage output with 1x lvl1 Mistake than with 2x lvl5 Deviousness. Not to mention if I chain them together I get like +100 str and agi. I know the range and AP implications, and Im only speaking about my low lvl experience.
But why is the spell not mentioned in your guide? (wich is great, btw, im following it)
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nice guide! btw why do we max deviousness? its damage is terrible.
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xShintetsu|2013-02-04 17:43:18
nice guide! btw why do we max deviousness? its damage is terrible.
How do you figure 11~13 (20 on critical) for 3 AP, modifiable range, and non-liner, bad?
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Yea, after patch deviousness is even stronger than before a bit
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I've just made Sram. I wanted to know if i should do hybrid from lvl 1?
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the guide is still relevant?
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Considering the sram update before is it still viable to make a str build provided tricky trap changed to int?
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random side note . could we make the lapino no give away our position every turn ? thx ;")
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