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Int Feca Gear

By devastator46 November 27, 2012, 14:27:25

Hi guys,

I am looking for some advice for int gear for my feca as i am nearing lvl 100 soon, and am looking for a good set 100-120

The set i have now is

Royal Cherry Set: 193 vit, 142 int
Flying Dreggon Headgear: 49 vit, 53 int
Shika Staff: 30 vit, 35 int
Gelano: 1ap
Hooded Cloak: 40 vit, 48 int
Cawwot Dofus: 25 wisdom
Plum/Orchid DT lvl 100

My total stats are:
1042 hp
124 wisdom
618 int

If anyone can suggest some set pieces that i can upgrade to, i don't need a full set and am happy with a custom made set.

Thanks for you help and advice biggrin

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i cant find a decent 120 int set...

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Graytess Cape is what I'm using on my Intelligence Foggernaut. Might want to look at Excellent King's Staff for the immense Intelligence boost, but only if you don't need your weapon for dealing damage.

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