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Way to go with Feca

By Chazzblast3r April 09, 2013, 19:38:14

So I've decided to start up a Feca and just need a general idea on what routes there are to take and how to go about them

Thanks biggrin 

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few paths you can go
Pure elements;

Vitality feca: very limited build ment for tanking and buffing allies. essentially you give your allies armour and your class buff (% resistance to all elements in exchange for not being able to use there weapon for a turn) pure support tanking build has terrible damage.

Pure intel = put all your char points into intel up to 300 and rest vit to survive or pure intel for the tad of extra damage. This build is great for aoe although your singlet target is lacking. im not a big fan of natural attack or leek pie on this build so id strongly recommend some intel daggers or staffs, staffs not so much with the upcoming update (1 swing for a 4 ap weapon bull crap)

pure strenght = low range strength steal with a ap sap. the only problem with this build is that the soft caps are not so nice but luckly strength gear is pretty easy to find. Highly recommend mixing this with wisdom build if you wish to ap sap otherwise all you really have is backlass plus a weapon.

pure wisdom. aoe sapper build and team supporter. they cna aoe sap alot of ap since they can cast this ghyph everyturn

pure chance like str can steal 200 chance and has a range spell but it has a min range of 4. no soft caps at all purely gear based

each set can be mixed. intel/wis and str/wis make for a nice damage sapper combos. mixing two elements is always to good to assure you can use all your ap. personally i play a intel wis build because of the good ghyph damage.

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Id say that str build with all points into wis is a great build,you deal great single target damage with str steal and can reap both ap and mp at the cost of low range damage(while the int build gives medium ranged damage and strong aoe dmg).As a str char you can go hybrid with cha and also deal good range dmg +str gives great weap choises

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I went with Intel/Str Hybrid. The biggest reason why is, I don't run a team of characters and I love how versatile it can be. You can use it for pure support with a healing weapon, farming mats with burning if needed, solo almost anything if you play strategically, and it's interesting to kolo with.

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I made a pure wis feca, and leveled backlash for damage when needed. My feca is built to accompany my 2-3 character team, so he's not damage focused at all...though now he can put out good numbers for having no stats. He's currently around 174, and is just now getting to good equipment with nice wis and str in the pieces.

His ap removal is extremely good. Once he gets 2-3 ap glyphs out, an armor is rarely needed due to the ability to completely shut down an enemy. And of course his MP removal glyph is very good as well.

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I would caution against a Wisdom centric build.

Once the revamp comes it is uncertain if the AP/MP manipulation spells will remain intact.

I am not saying they are going away, but just cautioning about getting attached to something you may be upset about later.

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