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Feca teammate

By bobo-me#3572 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 11, 2014, 20:05:15
I have enough experience and common sense to figure these things on my own,i can decide alone what builds and hybrids work best,what gear works best in what situation and what the best team setups can be,but hell,the new feca leaves me oblivious.

What works best with a feca for duos?

The fecas role is more of a tank,using the buffs on yourself,so a offensive class would lack the support needed to work at its fullest.A feca only does average damage so with a support class it would kill really slow and take unnecessary hits.The glyphs work well i guess,for AoE,unless it activates a trigger on the mobs,then they become useless.

I was thinking pandas and srams.Srams because they can solo almost everything with the right setup,using traps to try and make the mobs to stay on the glyphs while you set up a chain and the panda because you could stack glyphs and throw mobs on them(if you don't take the triggering into account).

The point is i don't really see a strong synergy with any class..

So again,what does the forum think about the best feca partner?
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Not really worth building a combo around, but attractive glyph and bomb walls work amazingly together. Start a turn in bomb wall, take damage. Get dragged along by glyph, take more damage.

Feca damage isn't low, it's pretty high now depending on build. On 0 res I can easily pull off ~800 damage in AoE and then another ~500 on a single target at level 180, and you've also got the mp reduction too. (Pure int, burning glyph + teleport then lethargy)

True it's not that strong single-targetted, but the glyphs are so strong now, especially with the new Reinforced protection.
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The damage is nice,better that what it used to be(apart from str) but its still not close to a "damage dealer" class level,not that i want them to be,we are fecas after all but we don't really have a spot out there anymore, do we?
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Strong AoE and a lot of CC is what I'd say the role is now. Damage reduction, ap/mp reduction, range reduction.

Someone suggested doing a tanky/agi build, along with the lock the damage reduction would work really well for that.

Other than that, I have no idea. XD
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The old feca at least (don't believe this changed now) had a great synergy with rogues, the bombs didn't suffer damage, and some interesting glyph combos could come out of it. Now take this and put it as a whole character. I personally am in love with the team I can make with Int Feca/Sacrier Agi. My sacrier is using a stupid pair of boots that takes 11 of her lock so I can be 1/2 with porkeez, and boy it is fun.

It is really easy to tank inside glyphs, while the feca heals, defence can come at any time and the attack is really neat considering the mobility of a Sacrier putting people on the glyphs. If you want to make duos, I suggest a panda, because it could end things very quickly.

I don't see a synergy on this one but I heard that Feca/Foggernault are an interesting team.
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I can vouch for this. Feca and Huppermage as well as Feca and Foggernaut are both really interesting duos. I'm thinking of trying out Feca and Xelor, but not sure how that would go. Any thoughts?
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