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Back to dofus got alot of spell points to spend.

By Xx-Tasengan-xX November 18, 2014, 18:54:28

Hello, I'm once back into dofus after quite a long break. Anyways, I used to have an INT/STR feca in my team. All of my spell points got reset and I now have 164 points to use. Is intell feca with str as a second stat still viable as it was before? If not what is good to spend points on? I don't might buying gear for a new stat if that's the case.

Also, I don't intend to do pvp. I'm mostly focused on pvm/dungs.

My current team consits of

Cha/agi Sac
Int Eni
Cha Panga
Cha Enu
Cha Xel
Str Masq
and this feca.

Also, my friend used to play dofus and he stopped with me he used to play Int/Str iop. Now that he stopped I would like to fill the 8th slot of my team. However, i'm not sure which class would be best suited to use to fill the last slot. Should I start an iop or is there something better for high damage like a cra or something else?

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