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6 man team question

By sadomasO-Master November 23, 2014, 01:24:49

Hello fellas! Long time since I last plaid dofus and am going to rejoin the forces smile

Currently my 5 other members are: STR Panda, INT Eni, STR Enu(goin for cha), Cha/Str Cra and Agi Xelor

Here is where I need you guys, One of my accs has Int Wis Feca (full scrolled), Agi/cha Eca /full scrolled/ and Iop, which is not scrolled.
Is this Eca viable for this team? Or should I pick iop or feca?


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Personally, I would say get the Eca. Feca's are great but you already have a healer (Eni) and MP bingladinger (Enu & Cra) only thing extra they would provide is Damage Reduction, which Eni has a spell for too if needed.

You have every role filled..

Map Manipulator: Panda, Cra, somewhat Xel (and will definitely be more of a manipulator in revamp)
MP Steal/Theft: Enu, Cra, Eni
AP Steal/Theft: Cra, Xel, Eni, Enu
Tank: Panda
Healing: Eni, Enu (Pandora's Box, Bribery)
Shields: Eni (Minor shield with long cooldown, Preventing Word)
Buffs: Eni, Xel, Enu, Cra
Summons: Panda, Eni, Enu, Xelor
Damage: Panda, Enu, Cra

You have virtually every role filled. I would personally go more towards either a another tank or damage dealer. So if you wanted a tank feca is fair but I'd choose an Iop over them since you have an Eni to just heal his wounds. If you was going to the damage dealer side I would choose an Omni Eca instead of Agi/Cha over an Iop personally. They're more versatile and with being Omni you can hit in any element and effectively be a "Rekop Eca" which is a superb spell being Omni. As well, your entire team would benefit from his roulette buffs, one character has to get a use out of the buffs right?

In conclusion, I say OMNI Eca all the way. Awesome damage, fair heals, great buffs, beautiful versatility. It is a jack of all trades. I think it would really shine in your setup.

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