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End game feca gear

By Im-not-agi - SUBSCRIBER - December 14, 2014, 00:57:18

Hey guys, i'm just returning from about 2 years hiatus and looking for a little guidance. I created a feca a couple weeks ago and i'm rapidly approaching endgame levels but, i have no idea what gear i should be looking into, being that there's so much more available now. I'm in SO set with all intelligence and strength spells maxed right now and i absolutely love the play style. I'm full wisdom build at the moment, with vitality, wisdom, strength, and int scrolled.
I'm looking for some recommendations on how to distribute my characteristic points, i'm thinking of pumping strength and intelligence to about 150 each then putting the rest into vitality, as well as some gear and sets that i can check out. Any feedback at all is helpful and will be appreciated smile thanks you

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I run omni, yet if you cannot afford omni I use Int > Cha > Agi > Str, so figure it for yourself. Int = most damage (5 spells), Cha = most range (3 spells) and the reason I use Str the less is its weird diagonal nature and I keep forgetting it before running into CC.

For the gears there are plenty for any 2-3 elements so you just configure your set. Might want to check this one tool:
Click here

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