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By sdfgsdfhfgh - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 07, 2015, 06:17:22

Howdy, I've come back to this game after a rather long hiatus to find that the feca has changed dramatically. I was looking at the spells and I was wondering how effective the Intelligence and Strength builds are. Which one is better at PvM and/or PvP? Which one would you say is the most solid build? I'd usually go to the dofus wiki but it seems to be rather outdated.

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Int is the best single element build for PvM and PvP in my opinion, it can deal a good amount of damage at medium range and with a bit of Wis can stop a lot of things from moving. Equip it with a healing weapon and you have a Feca that can support its team in so many ways.

Str has had it's damage dealing abilities reduced a little but it does have the largest glyph which you can normally get quite a few enemies on. The main drawback to this build is Backlash is now cast diagonally so if you get locked you're in trouble unless you can use Release or Teleglyph to get away.

Cha comes a close second to Int in PvP as it's range reducing capabilities are very good, it can also deal a decent amount of damage at long range, the main problems it can have is both of its attack spells have minimum ranges and can have the range reduced. I've found on more than one occasion that my Feca can only hit something that is exactly four squares away with Bubble.

Agi just isn't even worth considering as a single element build, for something that can only hit at short range it does a pretty pathetic amount of damage and the secondary effect of its glyph of attracting an enemy towards its centre is less useful that the other builds glyphs.

An Int/Str hybrid works well especially with a few points in Wis as the AP and MP theft can cripple a lot of enemies, and if you get more than one enemy of both glyphs at the same time and Teleglyph on to it you can an amazing amount of damage. With a bit of crowd control from my Iop and Cra (and on a fairly small map) my Feca managed to take out a mob of eight Lonesome Pine Trails monsters single handedly (for Duel challenge) in 3 turns laugh

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I use an agility feca (pure for lock/dodge reasons) and I'm not sure I agree with the above post, saying it isn't worth considering. I find it quite nice for many reasons:

1. It's a fantastic tank. It locks enemies. Rampart/Feca Shield work fantastic for tanks. But barricade is easier to use with an agility feca, since it can lock the enemies next to it and force them in close combat where barricade will negate it. Also, because it has poor agility caps, you can put most of your points into vitality.

2. Agility works very well with glyph of repulsion. Lock the enemies next to you and place the glyph around you, and they'll be taking some big damage.

3. Without any glyphs helping out, I manage a good 1000 damage per turn in an AoE with my 199 set (since it isn't 200 yet) and without the best gear. Agility is about 900. But the various glyphs add a lot of damage as well (especially with reinforced protection, where a single repulsion glyph can do 800+ damage even if you're a pure single element).

(4). This one is not true of agility feca by itself, but because I also use a sram, I find its glyph being able to pull and its attacks being able to pull pair very well with sram traps.

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My gf and I share a int/str feca, and it is the best thing we got in pvm to deal with large mobs and support the team. But for PVP I must say agi or cha. Cha is pretty good if you have a sacrier around, but the best for no fixed teams is by far agi, it is just some scary strategy to jump right at someone and use gravity glyph, they're completely stuck in there.

I am an 187 sacrier, and usually in battles I am: "Two 199? 12 ap? Doesn't matter =P", but when I see my agi friend that is 160, I am like: "Alright, I hope the other two are really bad to compensate for this".

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