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Been away for a year

By tommycll - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 25, 2015, 01:23:42

Hey! smile

i have been playing for the last few days after being away for about a year, and alot has changed!! i have worked most out for myself, but there are some things i need help with and i figured the people on the forum would be the best to ask!

1: One of the problems im having is the new armours... bastion and barricade. i put them on, i know they last one turn but they don't actually reduce any damage?! and if they are so good as people claim, why level them to 6? all i could see was a 1 turn reduction in cooldown!

2: i am level 172 now, still in a soft oak set with a obsidian ring, int and vit dragon turkey and a axe-cidental weapon, isn't it time i get a new set? if so what, or am i ok how i am.

3: i was very sure i had accumulated alot of almanax calendar pages, but i checked recently and i only have 20! is it possible that they have been reset or expired, or am i just imagining things and i only actually have 20? ( which ill be very surprised with as i am certain i have been more than 20 times!!!)

Thank you so much to anyone that can help me with this , its much appreciated smile

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Hey Tommy,
Welcome back!

1. Barricade only stops close combat damage, so damage from the cell next to yours, while bastion only stops ranged attacks. Getting hit with ranged damage whilst barricade has been cast will increase your mp while getting hit from ranged attacks whilst bastion has been cast will increase your power.

2. Luckily for you, I helped my friend put together a set recently for around your level. If you can get to 178, you can equip Tengu Snowfoux Set, with Ring of the Prophets, Ringferno, and Obsidemon Amulet. For weapon, a Limbo wand and for mount, Emerald and Ginger.

3. I don't know what's been going on in Shika so you'd have to ask someone from there.

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Also, if I'm not mistaken. When you're under effect of Barricade, casting Bastion will remove the Barricade effect and vice-versa. Same goes for Rampart/Reinforced Protection.

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Personally, at 178 I went for Tengu, Obsidemon ring/ammy, plum/orchid DT, int gelano and then a useful weapon; I think it was Mallow Marsh.

Depends how you want to play though, really; my set is pretty high int, decent wis and vit, but the res lacks, and it's only 9/5 (depending on trophies/exos etc.)

I've not played for a few months now, but I can't think of anything that happened to Shika; I had the same thing happen where I thought I had more pages than I did, maybe you'd done lots on an alt or something?

If you've got any more questions, feel free to ask; I don't really play too much any more but I got a decent grasps on new fecas before I stopped. (lv 190 int feca)

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Tengu is a good option, and now Agi is far less useless. And at 199 you can also wear a fully compliant Sucker Set, get to 11/6 and still have your weapon of choice.

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