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str feca

By natliraren May 19, 2015, 11:43:28

I need a str character to my team. I wonder how well a str feca works? Consider their main spell is diagonal. The feca would be vulnerable to locks while at the same time seeking to get closer to enemies because of low range. He is shooting himself on the foot. Still got weapon, blindness, glyph of blindness and glyph of repulsion. But how well does this combo work?
How do you use glyph of blindness? Its so huge it will the caster as well. Does the str feca run back. Or does he wear more¿ap resist equipment to be able to withstand it?

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I've seen 2 major str feca playstyles.

1)Like I play mine,as a iop or sacrier.Buff up with the shields and go wreak mayhem on the front lines,offensive playstyle disregarding any support for teammates,centered on damage and tanking.
Lock is great because you will tank,with investments in wis tanking is really easy since you reduce lots of ap and use gravitational glyph to stay in the middle of the glyph.I was never bothered by self ap reduction because if you are not in CC you can only use max 9ap to attack.
I recommend using Youyettes as you can attack 2x and the critical hits are very strong,if you get locked you still hit really hard.With 1000str and 12ap you can easily hit 2-2.2k on 0 res a turn.
This works up to f2 tier difficulty.

2)If you want to be more of a support orientated feca or want to do content that is not tankable,use guten tak's bow and stay at a safe distance,you basically play them like right before the update.

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1. Str Glyph has a hole in the middle so you can cast it around yourself without suffering the side effect, and has a range that exceeds the glyph size by 1 so you can put it aside without being enveloped.
2. Backlash is pretty strong, Glyph is not so. Thus I strongly advise not to go Str only, mix with Int (highest damage, MP reap, lots of spells) or/and with Agi (dodges, locks, minor position manipulations).

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