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Feca Intel style, or Int\Agi

By Amaterasuuuuu - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 12, 2015, 19:39:38


i didnt played Feca soo long, i making one, and have a Ceremonial Rat Set, can some1 tell me how to build it better ? go and make this set for Pure Int, or try some INT (main) + agi build smile ? what u think, soon probably i get an pet with 50% (maybe the dreggon petsmount if i try dual style) or intel Kwak if focus on int Build - i dont have much kamas etc, maybe soon i get the Limbo Wand, it looks soo cool

can some1 tell me it is a good idea ? im Leeching now up to 135lvl for the set, if its possible tell me any skill build cuz in google i cant find, all the guides are totally outdated :\

PS: int up to 300, and then Agi up to... ?? OR PURE INT ?

Thanks for help

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My suggestion is stay pure int. It will serve you well. In my opinion int and agi is a strong combo too, but just scroll agi to 100 and if you want to use a decent combo for ureself heres what ill suggest.
at 9 ap if your locked you can cyclone twice and then natural attack or cyclonex1 Lethargyx1 and leek piex1. Use
For a strong build I would recommend 10ap if you can get it. Creates more opportunities, Naturalx2 Lethargyx1. If your locked Cyclonex2 Lethargyx1 unless you break lock at first then replace second cyclone with Natural.
For int/agi Feca cyclone is useful when trying to break lock and get in range for lethargy. Im not a big fan of the damage that it provides but it has saved me in the past. But i have never gone further then 100 agi from scrolls and gear bonuses. It's a nice tactile ad on for sure.

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