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goods sets for feca

By dragonfablie - SUBSCRIBER - June 26, 2015, 11:31:19

I have a globall set for now, what are good sets for fire feca? For lvl 60 and ect, and what for weapon need i equip for later

And do you guys know some grinding spots for lvl 20,30,40,50,60,70 ^-^ ? Im abbo too

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Try usingCherry Blop set-Ring,boots,amy,belt.
Wa wabbits- Crown,Cloak
Exellent King staff
The big downfall is -40% water resist.
But should support a lvl 60 Intel feca.
Also maybe look into a wis set, feca can do decent solo lvling early lvls in groups also.I havn't played around in the lower levels in a while in regards to the gear, I hope this helped with gear suggestions.

Also you might want to refer to the Dofus fashonista website. This website can pinpoint your needs and what your exactly looking for.\ is the link i'm pretty sure.

For leveling up to 70 check the Average lvl zones, look for groups you can do fast with high stars and always try challenges. Currently you can adventure your way to Vulk which is here for limited time so take advantage of finding xp groups there. Good luck if you need help finding the boat let me know =) cheers!

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