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Int Feca help!

By Zeomva - SUBSCRIBER - August 31, 2015, 19:49:36

I have currently 164lvl and I want to know what spells should I put if I want to go for INT. Could anyone help me out? Currently I have:

Blindness [6lvl]

Natural Attack [6lvl]

Rampart [5lvl]

Lethargy [6lvl]

Teleglyph [5lvl]

Burning Glyph [5lvl]

Feca Shield [5lvl]

What other spells should I max out? and what set should I go for on 164lvl? I've heard Soft oak is good.

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Add Liek Pie, Lightning Strike and Cawwot. You might also want Typhoon to steal Agi and move around with more ease. And yes, Soft Oak is a good Int/Str set around L150.

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Do I switch that set to something else at higher lvl?

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Okay You should De-level or reset the level of the spell Blindness to Zero. My reasons are Int feca has no need for -ap spells. The base of the strategy is to keep enemies close.
Spells you should level or max level are-
Release- Good for pushing/map position, keeping target in a glyph, and avoiding locks.
Barricade- Situational. good for support(Close range damage prevention) and has a nice bonus If triggered effect +mp for Long range damage taken. No Line of sight required.
Bastion- Situational. good for support(Long range damage prevention) and has a triggered bonus effect +150% Power when taking mele damage. No Line of sight required.
lvl 6 Reinforced Protection- Increased power by 200% increased glyph power by 250%. The drawback is it removes the effects of all shields for 3 turns.
Go soft oak.
I hope this helps out with your Feca!

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What about the rest of the glyphs?

Gravitational Glyph [1lvl]
Paralysing Glyph [1lvl]
Glyph of Blindness [1lvl]
Glyph of Repulsion [1lvl]
Agressive Glyph [1lvl]

And I've heard that Bastion and Barricade should be at lvl1 don't know why though.

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gravity glyph is highly situational but if they look for a feca it is usually because of it ^^

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I'm not a fan of gravitational glyph.
I feel like it is more effective in PVP then PVM.
I have had experience with is not working with some monsters.
It isn't a NEED spell but can help sometimes.
Glyph of Repulsion is strong but that's not spell I would count on being in the spell roll.

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+1 to Release. How could I forget about it?
+1 to delevel Blindness. I could probably count with my fingers each and every time I used it. And there will be some fingers yet left.

After SO Set there are Minotot Set and Tengu Set. And a lot of other pieces. You better go to and look for yourself. You can even hit 12/6 or something close.

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What about the rest of the glyphs should I max them out?

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Get Rampart to lvl 6
All the glyphs are good, the problem is have spell points to level all.
I recommend you get glyph of blindess or paralysing glyph they are very good with burning glyph.,
gravitational glyph is very good at lvl 1 but you need to level it to get a a good Cooldown.
I don't recommend Reinforced protection its very situationally, its a good boost for glyphs ,you can do insane area damage using this and teleport on 2 glyphs, but you will lose all you defensive spells.

Look for high lock gear.
Try build a set using the new trophys,
Mp or Ap reduction trophys are very good,
Healing weapons are very good too for pvp.

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All the Advice so far in this thread is really good. so take notes smile

Gravitational Glyph is very useful in pvp, if monsters have triggered knock-back effects, like Retspan Pirates, and The Celestial Bearbarian, and im sure others, however even on my feca i dont have it leveled as the lower cooldown is probably useful, but a few turns per fight is all i need for pvm, If you wish to pvp then maybe consider leveling it.

If you have spare spellpoints, i would level all the glyphs, they all have uses, however, aggressive, repulsive, Blinding and para is the order i would prioritize them in, aggressive making all monsters who on on it when they attack do 20% less damage is just amazing, repulsion stops mobs from standing next to you, and can do some serious damage, even for mono-elemental builds. Blinding and para both work well with Burning, either trap enemies in your -mp and then steal their range so cant hit you, or do -mp and -ap so they cant do anything.

As said previously, definitely finish leveling Rampart to 6


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I see, this post git nice feedbacks as i just started a feca to complete my team cra/eni/yop/sac/anu
i tought fire/agi would meet my needs.
The question is: until which level is better keep it in leech mode, to put agi/fire set capable of make me reach lv19x without staying full wis till 199 smile
also: am i completely wrong and maybe is better put a full fire set around 16x/17x and wait 199 to hybridize? smile

i found very useful suggestion here and i hope you can solve my problem xD
thanks to u all!
Tachipirinaz - rushu

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