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Using Gravitational Glyph 1st turn needs nerf

By 757brot - SUBSCRIBER - October 02, 2015, 11:47:39

Please help me understand how using the feca's spell Gravitational Glyph on the 1st turn is balanced.

Think about bat's eye for a moment, it was nerfed because the loss of 6 range on the 1st turn of a fight was ridiculous, especially if nobody could dispel it. Bat's eye was eventually nerfed because of this, and was no longer allowed to be used on the 1st turn, this gave players the opportunity to at least position themselves so they would not all be hit by bat's eye on turn 2, which gave them a more fair chance to actually win.

Now think about the gravity glyph, first of all it cannot be dispelled, if you are locked you cannot move out by any means, the only way to not be locked is to have sufficient dodge to be able to move away. Now consider this, you start a 5v5 perc attack okay, and the feca has the highest initiative so the feca goes first. he uses the gravity glyph and teleports into it, locking 3/5 people on the enemy team. those 3 people that were locked cannot even have a 1st turn because they are already fully unmovable and locked. Now this may not bother some agi based players, who have a lot of dodge because of a high agility ratio, but you honestly need 150+ dodge which relates to 1500 agility to be able to dodge a good agi feca. Not only will most players not be to dodge and be able to have a proper 1st turn, they will also not have ap/mp because the gravity glyph is usually accompanied by other feca spells such as glyph of blindness and burning glyph.

In my opinion players need to have more of a chance against being so controlled and positioned like this on the first turn, bat's eye was nerfed for a very similar reason, and I think Gravitational glyph needs to be nerfed in the same manner, and should not be allowed to be used on the 1st turn.

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i agree however, every feca i face use in the first turn burning ghlyph, kinda weird that feca are hyper dpser's instead of just shielding and helping teammates

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I agree.

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A lot of things shall be nerfed first turn. Imagine a 1v1 fight with a Sram. He will use invisible first turn, place a lot of traps and nuke you down.

So Devs shall think what to nerf what to not to make a fights more balanced, or leave it how it is, because if players has a problem with that they can work a bit onto their Initiative.

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Feca will just put a gravity glyph and bye bye invisible burst.

Not saying it's really that unbalanced, but Feca got much more tools than only the Gravity glyph, Sram has only one way to avoid ranged damage, and it's un-bewitchable.

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Is it that bad? I don't PvP and in PvE I hardly find this one useful. The monsters have a lot of spells that let them move around with no regard to Gravy Glyph, and this state of things I find thoroughly annoying.

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