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By yotxa December 01, 2015, 01:50:26

I'm just starting as a feca and want to know how the glyphs work. Are they dependent on characteristic points or do they act independently? Thank you for the help in advance

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  • Each elemental glyph's damage is dependent on their respective characteristic, e.g. burning glyph scales with int, glyph of blindness scales with str...etc.
  • The debuff they provide applies to anyone and everyone who stands on the glyph. However the glyph will only damage enemies. So if you place down Burning Glyph, your allies will receive the -MP debuff but won't be damaged, and enemies will take both the -MP debuff and damage.
  • The debuff doesn't scale with a characteristic. i.e if it says -3MP, you cannot take away more than 3MP. So even if you're a pure int Feca, you can still use glyph of blindness to steal AP from enemies.
  • Debuff effects immediately wear off as soon as you step off the glyph.
  • If you use Teleglyph to teleport onto a glyph you will activate it immediately and any enemies on the glyph will take damage.
  • Note the Telegylph spell only activates glyphs YOU place. If a feca on your team places a glyph, you can teleglyph onto it, but enemies won't take damage.
  • You can only cast one elemental glyph per turn. But you are still able to cast Gravitational Glyph and Glyph of Repulsion.
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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it smile 

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