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pvp situation of fecas

By twoteatoroomtwo - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 02, 2015, 16:30:05

hi! Just wanted to ask about feca situation in pvp, including 1v1, kolo, perc fights and every possible pvp in the game. How does Fecas stand next to other classes, are they viable for kolo or is it just insta lose with feca in the team, what builds are better than other for pvp. Would love large replies and all in depth explanations, thanks!

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Very depends on build. I'm playing a int/str feca and situation looks like that:
- in 1v1 I can beat almost all classes (excepts are sadi, enu) it also depends on your oponent game skill (sometimes I can easy kill somebody sometimes not);
- in kolo - depends on the team and team which you have to beat - feca don't make very big damage but can do some nice work regarding to the crowd control (shields, glypths, gravity, mp reduction, ap reduction, range reduction, etc). But as all classes you have to master your feca skill to play it well (if you know how you can be invu for 3 turs!)

In general if playing well you can also win 2v1. So in conclusion feca is very handy char in fights. As I mentioned I'm playing int/str, but also got a fiend who is playing str/cha and it also works. I also know a feca who is full agi and he's tactic is: go, lock and kill.

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