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Need help with feca; returning after quite sometime

By tecnotrix December 07, 2015, 21:59:32

Hey guys, so I'm coming back after 2.5 years. It's been a month since I started playing again and well, I came back only to try out the eliotrope (initially at least). However, seeing the changes in a few other classes has got me hooked to the game again. So, here I am, looking make a new feca. Now, I'm a solo player (single accounting as of now) who occasionally hunts with guildees/friends and I want to kolo as well.

I don't exactly know how to build my feca around those requirements, or rather I should say I want to look to the more experienced fecas out there who know what they're doing. My friends in-game have told me that pretty much every feca build is viable, but I want to know what would serve me most in my endeavors. In short, should I go mono-/hybrid/tri-/omni?

I have a decent amount of kamas (slightly north of 10mk) after selling my old stuff. Any and all help would me much appreciated. Thanks in advance! smile 

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Welcome back smile
First of all I would like to let You know that I didnt reach End Game yet so I can only tell You my point of view (right now I am 194lvl omni feca and I love It!).
In terms of builds Your friend is right (when we are talking about single build) but I find Int feca way more better in pvm since You got really nice MP reduction nice dmg and big glyph. Now when we covered single build lets move on to omni builds (I have no experience in hybrid). I am just in love with It. You got everything You need, Its just awesome. -MP, -AP, -Range, Shields and last but not least Glyph of Repulsion. I am only PvM player so I cant really say anything about PvP but if You dont want to think much and still have a great fun, omni feca is just for You.
Hope It helped.
ps. Sorry for my English, still trying to learn It.

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I'll sum up the elements, and you pick whatever is best suited for you. Have in mind that any combination of those elements is valid, though I feel the only element worth being monoelemental is fire, due to other builds having range issues.

Earth has very high damage for low cost, and heavy AP steal spells, capable of taking away up to 9 AP. The unique area of the glyph also works really well, letting you hide inside the glyph and forcing enemies to step on it in order to get to you. This works wonders against monsters. Especially if you keep in mind that if you go over the glyph while at 0 AP, you won't lose any AP unless you step out, then in the glyph again. However, the spells are quite limited, either in uses/turn or awkward range, meaning you will need good amounts of dodge, and even then, you will likely want to hibridize.

Air is a more defensive build. It has the lowest damage, but the highest lock, and that means enemies will stay on your glyphs (especially since they can't push you if you're on gravity glyph). The glyph also has an interesting AoE that allows you to be outside of itlocking enemies in...except the glyph pulls towards the center, which honestly kind sucks. The build has some very minor map manipulation, and while nice, the range is a letdown. By the way...range KILLS this build, as it has very low range, but it also is the blessing of the build, as the only other 1 range spells of the class are natural attack and blindness (which is 1/turn). Use as hybrid only.

Chance is the long range damage dealing build. It has solid ranged damage, and LOTS of range, and it also forces enemies closer with -range effects. It's a good build, though it has the worst glyph (as no one is going to stay on top of it). The problem here is, it has range limitations as can't hit stuff that is too close. So, if you get locked, you can't do much.

Fire is the easiest build. The glyph is very useful, natural attack is pretty good for spamming, and lethargy is very powerful. It's a jack of all trades build, having power, range, and tanking capabilities. Obviously, it's not the most powerful at range, nor at close combat, but it does well in both, and has the best glyph overall.

I hope this helped^^

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Thanks guys, that was really helpful. I think i will stick with int until I'm 190ish and then go omni. @herkumelu, could you suggest an omni set for me around 190, if it's not too much trouble. smile 

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