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Weapon - Feca int/cha 18x

By lolasapeca December 15, 2015, 07:20:08


I am building a Feca int/cha, currently lvl 184. I pretend to play kolo and PVM with him. I have figured out most of my stuff. The only doubt I have is the weapon I should use.

Currently I'm thinking on using the Staff of the Prophets, due to its range, MP reduction and damage bonus.

There are three other weapons that have very useful bonus and would fit the character:
- The Thrusty Staff: Very good resistance and decent damage bonus
- Zoth Warrior Axe: Extra Ap, witch can be handful
- Michael Dougle Axe: good resistance, range bonus and decent damage bonus.

Here's a link of the stuff I intend to use on dofus book:

Click here

Which weapon should I use? Any suggestions on the stuff?

Thank you in advance!

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Out of the list I'd suggest either of the axes. RA is of no importance to Feca, but that Michael Axe have nice stats.

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