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New to Feca. Need help with build

By ZeRoyal - SUBSCRIBER - December 25, 2015, 22:26:44

Since i am so new to the Feca class(never had one before) i need some help deciding which build i should go for. I currently have an omni eca with these equipments Click here so omni could be an option i guess.

Pretty sure i could go 2 elements with my omni set

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I don't think I would build a feca that way because from what I understand feca roles are protection, tank, and preventing movement, the key characteristics I would think people would want are wisdom, vitality, and maybe intelligence if they wanted better heals with a weapon, the build you have there seems more fouced on acting last and dealing feca damage. 1800 initative isn't a lot and I would want my wisdom to be closer to 500 but maybe thats just me. Going hybrid seems like a better option especially if you can find a set up that gave you more characteristic points instead of power. Power builds are slow and you'd probably want your feca acting sooner. I don't know if end game gear supports omni builds like that but I've seen some neat looking tri-elemental sets.

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