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Feca Agi/Int

By MrInkyz January 07, 2016, 18:24:58

Hello Guys, i played as an eni, but recently im starting a new char and its Feca, so i got some question.

Since i play alone a lot! Should i buy combat set according to my level? Or should i buy a wisdom set and only at level 120 i would buy a combat set ?

And about my spealls, i was thinking level to 5:
Natural Attack
Agressive Glyph
Burning Glyph
Feca Shield

What do you guys think? I accept hints and suggestion

Thank You

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Really depends if you can manage to get your Feca leeched or not.
I recently also built a Agi/int Feca, he's level 79 and it's quite fun.

So if you're not being leeched this is what I recommend:
-Lvl 1-20: keep novice or get adventurer set
-Lvl 21-40: I personally got a red piwi set which gave quite a bit of intelligence
-Lvl 41-60: I made a hybrid of start of Aerdala set with the Zinda Hood, and Morello Cherry Belt, and Boowolf Axe(Didn't really know what to get). For trophies I bought a minor acrobat and a minor scholar
-Lvl 61-80: Continued completing the aerdala set+ got myself a gelano and started a bit of feudala set.

Then for spells;

Attack/ Power up spells:

-Natural Attack is basically the most important one and the one you're going to use the most. So lvl as quick as possible
-Typhoon is your main attack agility spell so lvl it too.
-Reinforced Protection: I went to get the class spell as quick as possible for myself and lvled it. Such a good power up for your glyphs and attacks
-Agressive Glyph: The only glyph you're gonna use for a while so lvl it.
-Lightning Strike: always a good spell to have for you int character so get it. (lvl it only if you have spare spell points)
-Moon Hammer: Had a friend run me through so I could get the spell. Same as Lightning Strike (lvl it only if you have spare spell points)
-Lethargy: Very strong spell to pair with reinforced protection. Lvl it
-Teleglyph: Useful spell to activate glyphs and run away at the same time but not the most important for me so lvl it if you feel that it is necessary.
-Glyph of repulsion: The most useful glyph for me. Very powerful if you have stolen int and agi using typhoon and natural attack first. I recommend combining it with reinforced protection for great damage.

Shields: the Feca Class is supposed top be the shielding class and everything but i rarely use the defending spells as I find that they are op enough to hit hard. I didn't lvl any of them but I will probably late when I reach higher lvls.

-Rampart; Basic defense spell, pretty useful.
-Barricade: Very useful spell if the map is large and the enemy hits from far cuz it adds mp for each long hit taken.
-Bastion: Barely ever use it.
-Truce: Useful to set glyphs up and have some momentary respite.

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Thanks for the reply BobDance smile

About Lightning Strike, Moon Hammer and Glyph of Repulsion. I think i ll wait a little more, and if i have spare point at level 101, i will think about leveling one of these.

But at the moment i ll be saving for Burning Glyph smile And i did leveled Rampart, sometimes i need to stay alive a little longer :p

Thanks a lot, and your tips were really helpful biggrin

PS: If you got more tips, keep posting !

Best Regards

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Here's the set I'm planning to do for Lvl 100 (I'll try making of these things myself)
Click here
Modify it to any way you want; and if you want I can also post my current set smile 

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