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Questions about int feca after the changes

By HumaDragonbane#8697 - SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2016, 07:30:27
hey guys I am coming game after many years and after some research I found fecas got a rework or buff whatever. Some people told me that they are really viable now. After checking all of their spells I thought shielding glyphing the map can be fun to plı ay. I checked the numbers of their damage written on spells and they felt like they can go high maybe not as high as a strengh iop but maybe cra level ? Another detail is that I am going to play single account so probly I woul be alone for the first 1XX levels. I also got kamas to scroll int wis and vit and for descent gear to use it during leveling process.
What I am askng you guys is:
1) Can you rate damage of fecas for different level ranges like 1-50/50-100/100-150/150-200
2) Can you rate the solo capbility of an int feca for 1-50/50-100/100-150 (consider the ease, fun, speed etc.)
3) What is the role of an feca in parties? It feels like they are tank/support is it correct and the only way or can they go damage dealers as primary role with a correct agreessive build. (like Damage/support or Damage/tank)
4) If the answers are satisfying for me I am going to start rolling my feca so is there any good int feca build up to date you know around biggrin (to check leveling places,gear spells etc.)
Thank you from advance
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1) Say, you have 1k int which is easy to achieve at higher levels. I would claim feca can do 1k dmg per turn in average without weapon(while assuming the feca casts protection spells with 2-3 ap each turn). At damage peak turns he can do least 1.5k. If you use reinforced protection, I have seen fecas at kolo blitzing characters with over 2k hp.

3) I would say you use fecas as tankers nowdays. With all that resist, you can take some blows, teleport and lock. Make the enemies' turns less efficient by forcing them to hit you rather than your vulnerable allies. Try gather lock to around 100points, it may even annoy agi characters a little.
Fecas can be used as support too, I have seen it a lot. Put on a healing weapon and stay in backrow. Works quite well too.
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