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Fecas capabilities

By superbestofwar#6290 - SUBSCRIBER - February 10, 2016, 16:58:50
I've been told that fecas without a healing weap in kolo are useless to their team, would this sentiment be true?

Also how would int fecas compare to other fecas such as str, or cha in solo Pvm?

What would also be more useful to a team, a feca with a healing weap that does around 1k heals for 5ap or a feca with flinties who do around 2k for 6ap?
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It surely depends on your gear and style. If your daggers do twice the damage, then go ahead.
Do note, that some people can do 1.5k+ healing on a target without armor. Which indicates it is gear depended.
If you kolo a lot with randoms, you will notice that most of the time, your team got no healer. If you had one, your team would be many times more successfull. Even if your healing is bad, it may give you more wins.
Your dagger hits are on 0 resistance? Do also consider the dagger strikes might not be as good in live combat. The targets do not always possess weak resistances.
Overall, there are many things to consider which is better =D Might be a good idea to own both alternatives to costum make your gear and style for each battle.
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