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agi / chance feca possiable?

By BroforceUltimateDragon#2821 April 07, 2016, 23:24:15
so I decided to make a feca like it alot but after looking at stuff I was thinking agility and chance... chance for its range wisdom and vit gear. and agility for locking and melee along with tanking... so what are you opinions. .. or are there better builds to utilize the spells more... I wanna do mainly pvp but support in pve aswell as what sets would a chance agility even use? thanks agsin
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I personally wouldn't put agi with cha, though it is certainly viable. I just feel like the two elemental roles clash too much. The agi build wants to get up close to tank and lock stuff while taking less damage than the other builds. The cha build is the range and sniping dps (Craesque) that has a lot of minimum range. They just don't work that well together.

If you really want to go for an agi locking build I'd either go with QoT SrambadDagg Feca or a plain int/agi or str/agi Feca.
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I'd argue they do go together precisely for the reasons you're saying they don't, haha.

Agi can't do anything at long range, chance can't do anything at close range. Each counters the other's weakness.
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