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152 Feca coming back after 2.5 years

By CptObviuos#1764 - SUBSCRIBER - July 11, 2016, 05:25:52
To keep it short, I have not played for over two years and just came back this week. From reading about the current situation of the game it looks like Fecas were finally buffed, but I no longer have any idea of what I should do with my character. To sum up the character itself: the level is 152, I have a full SO set, and most of my spells and characteristics have been reset after the changes. While I have seen that there have been a few similar threads in the past week, I wanted to ask if someone could explain to me whether I should ditch my current set or what I should do with my stats/build. I am also wondering how to get back my profession levels and if there's a way to get back the characteristics I scrolled. Any help is much appreciated.
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I don't have a Feca, but I can answer the last two:

Your professions have been turned into gems. You can get the profession levels back by simply using the gems. (Note that you can trade gems between characters using your bank or the new Haven Bag, so you can even put all your professions on a single character now). This was a one-time thing, so make absolutely sure you give the gems to the character you want to have the profession.

Similarly, your scrolled points were turned into Additional Points. You can add them back just like regular characteristic points. This was also a one-time thing, so make sure you know where you want them before you use them. Once you add Additional Points (or Scrolled Points) to your stats, you can't remove them again. Even resetting your stats won't remove them. You don't have to use the scrolled points first anymore, and note that Feca's softcaps are now 100/200/300/400+ for all stats, so you can build for any stat equally. (This goes for all classes but Sacrier, actually)

And you didn't ask this, but I'll mention it anyway: you no longer need potions or Doploons or anything else to reset spells. You can just un-level them directly from the spell interface the same way you level them, so feel free to experiment with different spell combinations.
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Feca now is omni-elemental class. At L150 you can have:

+100 each stat scrolled
+ 200 Int (300 points)
+ 200 Str (300 points)
+ 100 Agi (for dodges, 100 points)

Then level all Fire and Earth spells, all shields (4 spells), Tele Glyph for additional glyph damage (any elemental glyph hit enemies one extra time if you teleport into the glyph), Repulsive Glyph (to keep your fore away or damage them).

That will be pretty solid with SO.
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