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Feca 150+ help

By Brumlax#7421 August 08, 2016, 21:46:17

first of all I am new to Dofus, only a few months played, so I dont have deep experience with game at all, and dont have funds neither. I decided to go with Feca and I like the class. But now I am getting lost which way I should go. I paid for 2nd account to duo with and picked Sacrier (lvl 100) which was probably wrong pick.. but well here go my questions...

1/ I am lvl 150 I would like to stay as Int Feca and possibly change to Int/Str. Is it good/bad idea for the end game? Reason is I really like Burning Glyph and range of fire spells.

2/ Which set I should aim now? I am in Soft Oak set (missing one part), Bora Dora hat, Gelano ring and Shika's Staff. Is there some Int/Str set I should be looking for now, lets say around lvl 170?

3/ Want to leave Wis build now, but dont know where to put my points. 300int/300str, rest vit, or 200int/200str, got no idea really.

4/ Which class would fit my Feca? I prefere something that would help me keep creatures in glyphs, so some kind of manipulator with MP reduction spells? Was thinking to switch Sacrier to Sram, but Sram should probably be STR due to lethal atk and lethal trap. And I plan Feca to be int/str for now. So basicly I am looking for something that deals great dmg, can keep/push mobs in/into glyphs and is agi/cha preferably. Any idea? smile

Help is really appreciated sad

Lost Brum the Feca
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1. IMO it is good for Feca to grab as many elements as possible. There are plenty of reasons:
- only the early game content have equal resistances to all elements, so most foes will have one weakness or another and hitting that weakness will still pay even if your damage output on that element is not the highest of them all
- you'd totally want to steal Int/Str/Cha/Agi from the enemies with the appropriate spells
- you'll be able to make decent AoE damage stetting new glyphs every turn
- Glyph of Repulsion is multi-elemental and hits like a lot for its mere 2AP
- multi-elemental HP stealing with Perfidious Boomerang
- I have a build that could output 2500+ damage on a single hit of Blord Sword (5-elements hit)
- I have a build that could output 1000+ stealing damage on a single hit of Fugitive Hammer (4-elements stealing)

2. First of all drop that L80 staff and pick something more appropriate:
Int/Str Weapons at 120-150
Then aim for Int/Str Obsidemon Set or Int/Agi Tengu Snowfoux Set.

3. 300 Int, 200 Str, something like that, yes.

4. You can keep Sacrier, I think. With Agi buffs he can lock basically anything and keep enemies inside glyphs, and Cha Sacrier can actually withstand tens of thousands of damage, stealing it all back with Dissolution. Or MP-stealing high-range class like Cra or Enu.
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Thank you for help and heads up. Could you advise me a decent agi/cha set for sacrier? around lvl 110, Or maybe rather lvl 150 as I will stay wis on him until 150 probably.

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Look at the link I provided earlier. You can always search Dofus item database filtering it by level, stats, etc. Just like this: Agi Cha equipment for L120-140.

There's also a better way: Click here . This magic project allows you to make requests like "I want L120 Sacrier majoring in Agility and Chance with extremely high Lock" and then produces an equipment solution best suited for your case.
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