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Which spells to level for a new player?

By September 08, 2016, 14:46:55
Hello Dofus Community,

I recently joined this game and after playing around some bit with a few classes I really liked Feca and I am going to stick with it for awhile. I am confused though how should I put points in my Spells, every spell seems so good and useful, that I want to level them all, but I have just that much points...

Currently I am spending my Characteristic points on Chance and Agility, so I suppose I could level some of the spells which use that type of damage. What about defensive spells? I level Rampart for protection for now. What about glyphs? Are glyphs based on where I put my Characteristic points or they work separately?

Maybe someone can give me some tips how to choose which Spells to level before some others? Some more experienced player who has done the road and can offer an advice on this matter.

Any response appreciated. smile

P.S. I have no friends so I would be happy to make some! I play on Rushu and in-game name is Bro-Bob.

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Hello and welcome to the World of Twelve! As a Feca, I'd suggest you level up your protecting spells first. This way low level mobs will avoid attacking you and for stronger attacks you will decrease the damage as well. Attacking spells are nice, but damage difference isnt really visible until you get some %power gear and a decent battle set. As for the glyphs, they all cause damage in certain element. Aggressive Glyph causes air damage, which means agility boosts it. Glyph of Repulsion causes omni-damage, and works very well with %power equipment. Glyph of Blindness causes Earth damage, means it is boosted by Strength. And finally, the heavenly Burning Glyph does Fire damage, boosted by Intelligence. In addition to damage, some glyphs cause additional effects (-AP, -MP) and it really depends heavily on your playstyle. Since you're new, I'd suggest to focus on one element, as multi elementing can get quite pricey. And feel free to experiment with spells because you can level and delevel them any time you want!

If you play on Rosal, give me a shout on Amicus and I'll be happy to help you. I'm a returner to the game, starting fresh, so my character is only level 56 for now. But if you need help with low level content or achievements, let me know.
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Maxing Rampart is a must for its effect is also level-based, the higher your level is the more it protects you. Don't level Barricade and Bastion, use them as is. Don't level Truce, you probably won't be using it more than once per fight.

Then, if you go for Cha and Agi, level the correspondent spells: Typhoon, Bubble, Cloudy, Shiver and the respective Glyphs, thus you maximize your damage output.
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As a new player, Natural Attack and Rampart are first. After that it all depends on the equipment you can get.

Intelligence equipment means maxing out fire spells.

Chance, Agility, and Strength means maxing out their respective element. However, you have to pick a secondary element to use because water, air, and earth spells have inherent weaknesses.

Lock equipment go best with Glyph of Repulsion and air spells.

Power equipment is best with hybrid or omni builds (using more that one type of elemental spell)

Damage builds are best with their respective element.

Critical equipment are best with your highest critical % spells. Right now, that is Lethargy and shiver at 25%.

Wisom equipment go best with AP/MP removal spells.

Range and MP equipment goes best with fire and water spells.

Your shielding spells do not work with Reinforced Protection and Vise versa. If you want close or medium range combat you want shields. if you want long range, you want teleport and Reinforced protection.

hope that helps.
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