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Building a feca, would str/cha be good?

By AriBarz#9563 - SUBSCRIBER - September 25, 2016, 16:36:13
i am building a str feca but i am not sure what my secondary element should be... I am thinking of going STR/CHA, but i'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I am planning on prioritizing str as my primary stat. What should my secondary stat be?
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I currently have a Str/Agi Feca at the moment that i love. But i would suggest Str/Int mostly because its neat having range and not to mention its strong too!
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i'm a level 70 Agil/Int feca with 8ap 4mp. if you're going to rely on Str spells, i would have as my secondary as Agil. Str spells are close range to medium range. without more mp you'll have trouble staying out of close range. at close range your high damage spell, backlash, becomes unusable or becomes a hinderance if you don't have a high enough dodge. if you get locked you'll get screwed.
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Score : 6202 won't work well. Both builds have pretty bad synergies, and their ranges don't help each other much. At close combat you won't have good options, the glyphs won't combo well, so on. Int or agi work much better with str or cha.
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