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By SanelyInsane#3967 January 10, 2017, 23:32:18
I see a lot of love for Int Feca, I never had one before and want to fill my team out with another CC Agi/Str character, Feca has always interested me and wonder if Str and Agi work well together.
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its one of the most effective combos as an close combat feca, you can position ur self well because of the amount of dodge you have, great lock abillity, pretty decent dmg with backlash. oh man that dem glpyh of blindness make people so mad. is it for pvm or pvp, both?
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Feca always works best as a combo- and it's well worth scrolling it if you can. I currently main a feca that's agi/int/str, mainly ignoring chance.

Str/agi works well, however int is good because the mp removal makes it easier to keep enemies in your glyphs
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