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Help with new Feca build

By MambaKing#1945 - SUBSCRIBER - March 26, 2017, 21:58:28
Hey guys i am a new to dofus and decided to start a feca character. Any suggestions on how to build him mostly for PvE?
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You have quite a few options there, and possibilities to change your mind in the future. For lower levels, at least until level 150+, I would stick to a single element.

Intelligence is for taking MP. Strength is for taking AP. Chance is for taking range, as well as having the highest ranged spells we have. Agility is for moving stuff, as well as a glyph that reduces damage monsters do.

I mostly do PVM, but sometimes PVP, and I'm int/agi at level 200. I find taking MP to be a lot more useful than taking AP in PVM, not to say that it can't work though. Agility, I use for tanking in teams since it gives you dodge and lock to keep monsters next to you.

It really depends on how you play, with whom and so on. If you intend to fight from a distance, I would definitively pick chance as a first one. If you intend to fight close, then intelligence and agility might be the best bet. Eventually you'll be able to more easily combine multiple elements to suit you.

Good luck!
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Intelligence is easily the best element for leveling up.  Medium range on spells/glyphs, average damgaing capabilites, and give you the option of using a healing weapon to boot. Chance spells have a minimum range of 3~4 cells so if a mob/player manages to close in you can't attck em ouside of using your glyphs. Strength has awkward range and one of the arguably less usful glyphs for leveling up. Agility is awesome and one I would love to give the number one spot to but lacks in range which you're going to want leveling up. TL;DR Intelligence is you basic jack of all trades build that does just about everthing but if you don't mind trading some range for mobility Agility is a great build as well.
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