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Good stats for 60's?

By yony42#2655 - SUBSCRIBER - April 08, 2017, 03:38:04
Ok here we go...

I've recently returned to Dofus after some 5+ years of inactivity and after moving from Solar to Rushu for the increased population I've reestablished myself fairly well (some professions, guild, etc.) My main is a level 63 agi feca, hopefully soon-to-be agi-str once there start being some viable options for that. For now however, I have the classic Toady set, Mad Tofu Cloak and Coco Blop set. My agi is pretty damn good (I think), 561 agi after statting 200 and scrolling 25, but I'm starting to outgrow this low level stuff because even tho I do lots and lots of damage and always go first and lock and dodge literally everything, my lack of HP and other stats is making battles somewhat risky.

So my question is, where should I go from here? I made myself a Wa Wabbit cloak and hat because 300 vit and 10% resistance to everything with 2 items seems really good and I've now got 988 vitality and 25% resistance to water and fire, 40% to air and -40% to earth cuz Coco Blop, but now my agi seems really lacking, at just 399 after statting and scrolling 25. Does this just seem low compared to how much I had with the toady set and mad tofu or is it just not where it should be? I want to incorporate the 2 Wa Wabbit pieces into my level 60+ set but it doesn't provide too much damage (30agi and 30 power) and whether or not my agi is where it should be for my level would influence that a lot.


In general, how high should I be aiming stat-wise at this level? In terms of damages, resistances, hp, crits, etc.
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First of all, Toady set and Mad Tofu cloak give a lot of agility for their level but this is mainly because they lack all other stats. Swapping these items will therefore always diminish your agility. As far as I'm aware, there will not be an item combination of weapon, hat and cloak with more agility even beyond level 100.

Nonetheless, as you have recognized your survivability is also important. A feca is focused on tanking (an agi feca even more than other types) so survivability is very important. So while Wa Wabbit pieces do not provide as much damage as your previous items, they give everything else you need. The lack of agility is even compensated with the additional lock. 20 lock from perfect a hat and cape is the same amount you would get from having 200 agi.

So I would say, you are on the right track of building your feca. I cannot provide an exact aim for stats, but I would say that as long as your enemies are unable to run away you have plenty of agi. A feca's damage will always be underwhelming compared to other classes, but that's not their strength. Lock, hp and resistances are the most important for a feca so you can keep yourself and your teammates safe. Damage is less important and I wouldn't focus on crits unless you want to use Blessdags or something.

As a side note, if you occasionally feel the need for damage, you can keep your high agi set around as a secondary set.
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