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Global recast for glyphs

By superbestofwar#6290 - SUBSCRIBER - April 15, 2017, 08:16:42
Just curious but why are there global recasts on glyphs? Especially on glyphs such as the agility one, I understand its to prevent glyph stacking but I don't remember that being a significant problem. Currently though if 2 Fecas are on the same team, one using the other's respective elemental glyph can significantly reduce damage output 
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Global cooldowns are globally stupid.
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The global cooldowns came through during an update which limited spell stacking across the board for all classes. For example, not stacking five Eniripsa's Stimulating Word on one person and so on. It was meant to push variation instead of people running teams of identical classes. Two glyphs means four effects (2x damage and whichever two effects like -MP) on not just one target, but potentially multiple targets in a single turn.

The short of it, is that it was implemented to push for varied teams. There's still other benefits to having multiple fecas though. You can have your team split and separate fecas take care of shielding those two groups. Both of them stealing stats from a target, and so on...
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