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PvE Feca Build Question

By Benja-might#5358 - SUBSCRIBER - May 01, 2017, 20:23:10
So I've been debating on having a Feca or Masq as part of my group... I'm pretty familiar with what a Masq can do, but I've not done much with Feca's. So I have 2 question:
1) Is there is a 'typical' Feca build for PvE?
2) Which is usually the more desired team mate for high level dungeons - a Masq or Feca?
Thanks so much,Benjamight
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For pve solo any build can work, the most effective builds are Omni, str and cha. If you plan to do group play though, The most effective build is int for the sake of mp removal and the use of healing items. In the case of group pve epic level dungeons, allowing enemies to attack you isn't preferred, and for the sake of disables Feca currently is strongest, with more utility. While the shields masqs provide are amazing, feca still remains the only class able to make a team invulnerable for a full turn, which can save lives.
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