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Newbie feca

By Matematicar#6008 - SUBSCRIBER - May 24, 2017, 23:37:02
Hello biggrin
I'm an old time player who actually never made it past lvl 80 because I usually lost all motivation and quit. So I consider myself and old noob actually biggrin. This time I decided it's gonna be different and settled for the feca class as i find them very fun to play. Currently I'm lvl 108 and agi/int. My question is: is there a specific set i should aim towards or should i just use whatever gives agi and int? I also want to switch to omni at some point. Should i wait for the very late levels for that or is it possible and viable to do it soon? I mostly solo pvm, and usually avoid pvp. Also, does anyone level bastion, barricade and teleglyph? I never seem to have enough spell points for everything i want, and I can't imagine what it's gonna be like when i go omni.
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i don't think you should level bastion/barricade at lower levels, for pvp the 1 turn cooldown difference + range is a lifesaver. you should try leveling somewhere where the map is small or where the monsters want to hit you in close combat, the idols with +mp/ attraction/ zain make it faster to level up
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I would wait with omni a bit more, at least past 150. And u allready mentioned a big problem: the spell points. As long as u cant affort a ton of scrolls i wouldnt go omni. Hybrid is barely doable but anything more then 2 elements really requires more spell points.

For the gear i would wear whatever and go kinda budget. I will probaly change stuff very soon anyways.
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Seems like i'm gonna have to wait to win the lottery to get enough kamas biggrin.
Thank you both for the advice!
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Hey there! Long time Feca here.

Omni builds are difficult and expensive to achieve. There are some possibilities though:
  • 104 Dramatik Set
  • 150 Kwismas Nightmare Set (which may be harder to get)
  • 151 Drhossil Set
  • 185 Ougaa Set
You would have to fill in with other items as well. There are also a lot more choices for this at level 200. There's also the issue of not really having enough spell points to raise that many spells, which isn't that much of an issue these days, but still. Especially considering you avoid PVP.

If I were in your shoes, I would pick an element to focus in with the other being secondary for now.

Barricade, Bastion and Teleglyph can be set aside for now as well. However, you'll surely soon enough see the merits of lower cooldowns on these spells.

Good luck!
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