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Panda or Enu for duo with Feca?

By Chemo-Limo#2271 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 21, 2017, 14:04:47
Heya folks!
I am playing an int/str Feca (thinking of eventually going tri with agi or swapping one of the elements with agility to acquire the role of tank) playing exclusively PvE and I have dabbled for the past weeks with the idea of playing with two characters, which i decided would be either a Panda or an Enu (both of which would be chance, the panda would maybe be bi-element eventually) and I am torn between which of the two would synergize best with the Feca. On one hand, the Panda would help by throwing the enemies onto the glyphs and give overall support with more than decent damage, while the Enu would keep the enemies on the glyphs by taking their MPs, dish out some dank damage, apply less situational debuffs than the Panda's and most importantly increasing significantly the loot received from dungeons and mobs of monsters which i am very fond of.

To whom plays either of those duo combos, i ask: is it effective and how much?
Or in any case i'd be just interested in any player's general opinion on the matter.
Thank you in advance!
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I think if you go for a age/x/x build for you Feca to acquire the role tank if better play together a Enutrof.
By the other side, if you prefer a int/fo/cha build I guess is better play with Panda

The first because if your Feca does the tank you will need a ranger/healer like can be a int/cha enutrof for support him
The second you would change the roles, so your Feca support the Panda who acquire de role of tank.

¡Good luck!
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