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Feca agi-int, need filler for Tengu Set LV180

By xxebanoxx#1056 - SUBSCRIBER - November 09, 2017, 23:54:43

I'm an old player that wishes to come back. I left right after the Feca patch in 2015 as I remember, and I didn't have a good idea about what to do.

So here I find my Feca full Agi with some trash set and I even find the pure agi Feca gameplay really limited.
So, searching a bit around I was concerned about what to choose (agi/int or agi/str), but as I want to enjoy all the pvm contents I decided to go for agi/int till endgame.

Looking for a set around my level (172), I found a discussion here about the use of Tengu set, which are 4 pieces. So I need to look for the additional rings, necklace, weapon and dragoturkey.
At the moment I just looked for the weapon, maybe a Fuchsia could fit? Is there any other option?
Considering the lack of PA of the Tengu Set, I'm left with 7PA and I would like to reach at least 9, but I think 10 would be optimal, so I suppose I should look for a Gelano and a PA necklace?
For the dragoturkey I was thinking about plum-emerald or emerald-ginger to reach 6PM.

Could you give me some advice ?
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Rikaspelaaja|2017-11-10 05:12:51

Well, the Ush set is boots + weapon + necklace, so it will make me lose Tengu boots
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Tengu Set is fully compliant with Sucker Set which benefit you in a several ways:
  • a weapon (and shield these days as well) of your choice
  • it's easy and not overall expensive to find exo AP and MP rings from that set
  • these items give you enormous Wisdom, I think I had like 600+ with +50 on Stormcloud Staff
I used that combo back in my days thought it was an easy pick for there were far less high-end equipment back then.
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