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[Feca ] 2019 version 2.51 - Feca newbie, how to play?

By ArcanjoBra#1307 - SUBSCRIBER - April 22, 2019, 05:39:54
My wife doesn't know how to play Feca and never played, and loved the character with one at level 35, but she doesn't know how to combine the skills, neither now nor in the future. She opted for Strength/Agility, (Reduces damage and takes PA (When it takes hehehe...)), we are as they say in the race, doing missions, fighting to have 20K (Literally, I'm happy with our first 20K), professions (Collection) everything level 10~15. happy.

Could you give her some tips here?
  • Link Builds (Up to level 200) from DofusBook, Fashinista.
    • PvM (Mainly) and PvP (For her to play at Koli later)
  • How to combine the Skills to get the best out of it.
  • She doesn't even know how to combine the buffs to be "Tank", uses everything together and then takes a lot of damage (hehehe...).
  • Which Feca Classes have more affinity to Combat (Duo Dungeons and similar) and which have more difficulty versus?
  • If you have good links about places of farm of Collection (Alchemist, Farmer, Fisherman and Miner)
  • Arrangements
  • And whatever else you can give in tips...

Guys, I can only count on the good will and patience of the community in the answers, so I leave in advance a fraternal thanks.

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Hi! I assume she is playing with you(Her husband) so she has at least a duo team. I think, pre 100 that mono int, mono cha, or mono agi will be her best bet to play. After the 170+ mark, I would HIGHLY suggest her to go into agi/str for locking, use her feca shields, close range immunity(this is melee damage) when she knows shes going to be going into melee, or long range immunity(ranged attacks) if she is being sniped lock(use lock trophies). Fecas are HIGHLY situational with their shielding. Mostly the goal is to lock the opponent down or disable them while dealing decent damage. I play on Echo and happy to answer in game a bit more once I can look at the spells again.

Angeloscustos- Echo
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Hello, if that can help you  I know this post is in French, but if you translate him maybe you can get some interesting informations
  • Which Feca Classes have more affinity to Combat (Duo Dungeons and similar) and which have more difficulty versus?
For the affinity I can tell you for sure : Sram, Cra, Panda are the best classes who match perfectly with Feca. I'll explain it in my link soon.

I know this post is old April 22, 2019, 05:39:54 but maybe by luck someone will see that.
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