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Best Pure Int Set

By Justinc4se#9921 - SUBSCRIBER - August 09, 2019, 09:58:42
I am a level 130 Int Feca and I was wondering what are the best pure int sets that I can use or should start saving up for?
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It depends ... on what you are looking for, from this game.

Path A. 
  • - get wiz set with max wiz
  • - get leeched
  • - worry about set around lev 190-199, then at lev 200

Path B.
  • - get best set for your level, and play mostly with players around your level, mostly game content of level similar to your character's level.

PS: As ... strange !!! ... as it might seem, I got an Eca in my guild, resuming game after hiatus, who declines any invitation to being leeched, even for dungeon achievements; and even if it is done with best intentions, to help with some achievs that are more or less hard to do when game content is your character's level.
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