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Anyway to Heal a Feca solo?

By Benja-might#5358 - SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2019, 16:12:17
My best friend and I started 2 new classes to work our way through the game.  He is a Huppermage and I picked a Feca.  One issue I'm running into very quickly (we are right around level 50 at the moment), is I have no way to heal myself - and he only has spells that can heal himself.  

So my question is, are we a duo that is already setup to fail, or is there a way to 'heal' a Feca solo?  I figure we can use Sidekicks when we are not trying to duo a dungeon achievement, but was hoping that some higher level / more experienced Feca's may be able to give me some tips on this issue.

Thanks so much,
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hey hey!
Feca doesnt have any selfhealing spells, but later on u will be able to tank mouch more dmg than other classes even with selfhealing. Feca survi is based on dmg reduction and shielding which is supper good later on but not as good at beagining. 
As for now your friend can take care of u. elemental shield, contrybution (55lvl) from fire state and runic treatment(65lvl) can be a way to keep u alive in extream situactions. 

Also there is some other ways to improve your survi.
1- weapon with hp steal (not sure if there is any effective for your lvl)
2- dokoko dofus (u should be able to get it soon, maybe even now, its reward from moon island quests)
3- silver dofus (100% sure u can get it now, its reward from astrub quests)
  4- your playstyle. as for now your friend can play mele and tank mobs, his hp-steal spells + dmg reduction from u can let him handle tons of dmg when u can hit from rang and stay safe behind his back. 

about class compo:
maybe its not best or cammon but for sure its not bad. feca and hupper are very flexible. both can fight in rang or  mele, both got some kind of placemanet abillty, both can tank or support each othere, both got nice dmg. Also both classes are very independent which makes them good for solo / duo players. 

P.s if u play on Echo u can pm me in game if u need some more help, my nick is Sheol 
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Shadow - thanks so much, these are excellent ideas!  I never even thought about a Dofus for heals.  My buddy is totally new to the Hupper class as well, so I'll run that spell setup by him so we can try that out.  

As far as elements - I'm currently going pure Agility (to help lock enemies on the glyph), and was thinking of Agi/Cha at 100+ so I have close and long range damage... do you know if this is a good idea for PvM?  I had even contemplated trying Omni at end-game levels, so I read some posts that said Feca's were good for that.  My buddy is going Int/Str, so if I did go Agi/Cha, we would have something for all elements.

Thanks again for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated.  I am on Echo, so I may hit you up on there if I see you with more questions. :-)
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