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Returning Feca!

By Flame-z#7858 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 11, 2020, 22:07:10
Hey guys!

I used to play Dofus a LONG time ago and I'm back! No surprise that a lot has changed by my question to you all is how to make an int/fire Feca? Like what sets and items should I use at which levels, what stats to level up, and things like that. Any and all help is appreciated!!

Thank you! smile
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Play something else, this class is putrid.

Almost everyone can debuff your invunerability, your shields last 2 FREAKING TURNS AND CAN STILL BE DEBUFFED (the sacrier have one permanent just as strong as their health lowers) and your skills range are all messed up, Str can only be used diagonally, water only in line, air just close ranged..

Seriously, not worth it, pick a huppermage or something
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Feca's are a great class I play a level 200 and the info provided will probably only suit a level 200 one. I'm usually switching between Int & Chance sets, Int is really good in team fights ranged or close combat; using weapons such as: Joyous daggers/Shorpoon (CC) or Corrupted bow/Archetypal bow (Arch bow for healing).  Chance fecas got huge range (and are really good in pvm) and no water cant only just be used in a line, u have 1 chance spell that's linear but that's easily counteracted with the class boots (level 100) which affects 3 of your chance spells in your kit (Making cloudy attack not linear!) Str/agi aren't really that good and not worth mentioning and if your considering going huppermage over feca you might aswell just go sacrier
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