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Still a viable tank?

By Throdyk#6455 - SUBSCRIBER - March 08, 2021, 13:41:58
Hi everyone,

I'm returning to dofus after a while and back in my data fecas weren't very good tanks in high lvl pvm, being overwhelmed by zobbals for example.

Is feca a good call for pvm ranking?
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Truly good tank for what it's worth... Feca Shield + Fortification, and during the opening you can always use Truce, Bastion/Barricade... It should be taking MASSIVE amounts of damage with little to no problem. With a good healer, you are literally immortal.

Good thing there are the glyphs which also debuff, which is tremendous. On PvM you are mostly king. Probably not good for solo (you do not deal as much damage as, say, Iop or Ocra), but with just one damage dealer/healer, you are set. Especially good for duos!
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