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Fun Feca build

By tuckert - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2010, 20:05:06

So basically I have been building this set for a while and I finally finished it. There will be a gear list at the bottom im at work so I dont have the stats of the pieces but w/e.

The idea for the build is a crit/+damage/int build which im sure it has been done before but I just wanted to share it I guess. Its more of a melee build.

Current stats
1205 health +45 crits
200 Wis +37 damage
500 int +27% damage
200 agility
50 chance(roughly)
50 str(roughly)
+45 crits
+37 damage
+27% damage

The whole idea focuses on the Red Root Chileepaperz staff that is fire maged.
Damage Crit
3-5 steal(fire) 1/50
5-15(fire) +10 damage bonus on crits
3-5 steal(earth)

Currently my set gives me 1/2 crit on all spells without a turquoise dofus(because im not exactly rich) So in pvp this makes me insanely strong in pvp medicore at range.
The staff will hit roughly 400-500 damage on crits and steal 150 life which surprised people usually, I enjoy it when people are like holy shit O.o when I do a double crit on them and almost kill them in one turn. The only downfall right now is I only have 3 mp, Getting an emerald mount to change that soon.

Items: Dragon Pig Neck, 2 Farle wedding rings, Hogmeiser's Golden Boots , Krutch, rags, Event belt, Red root chileepaperz

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Nothing special.

Basically any class can do the same thing, take a weapon and swing on!

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Have you looked at Citrus Daggers?

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