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High AP set with chance?

By AlexFisk1 - SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2012, 13:40:04

Hello, I am a lvl 83 Xelor and I feel the need for more AP. I am Cha/Wis and want to know if there is a set where I could have 9 or even preferably 10 AP and still get a Chance Bonus along with it? I am relatively new to the game so I do not know Items very well smile Thank you!

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Royal indigo blop set, chance maged gelano, and axel (a shovel) would get you to 9 ap. You could get a dazzling cape, or a caracap for the 10th, but it wouldn't give chance too (but it wouldn't detract from the blop set bonus.)

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Wonderful, Thanks Siberian

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