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Returning after nearly a decade..need help

By Anorsnkth May 09, 2017, 21:21:18

Hey so I am a returning player from 2009. I have a 150 sram I started playing again two weeks ago, and a 143 xelor have avoided because everything was so new and confusing. I have the sram down, wasn't hard to figure out. Leveled him from 140 to 150 and thought maybe I'll understand my xelor better....i do not. So my actual question...

How do I play my xelor? I have read other forums and I don't understand certain things. I've watched videos and don't understand what I see. I was about to class change to an eca, but figured I'd give this a shot first.

If someone could explain telefrag in laymen terms I know that will help. Also the whole gain an AP 1 turn later is a bit confusing. Secondary effects and element changes in spells and such I get. I don't understand the role of my xelor. Before I enjoyed a chance xelor that hit hard and kept at distance, while taking enough AP to make closing in and attacking difficult, or make buffing and attacking in on turn impossible.

If someone can give me a couple examples of how I should start fights PvP and PvP 1v1 and group I can understand that the best. I know I and a lot but I have a lot to learn. Thanks in advance!

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For xelors most of theirs spells function with a new mechanic called the telefrag, which is just a new created word that represents when an element of the map is replaced with another using either spells or teleportation. In the case of xelors they are allowed extreme mobility every turn if they achieve a telfrag. Xelors have also been granted a new mechanic which allows them to place a synchro which effectively soaks up achieved telefrags, every turn you achieve a telegram you increase the power which can then be discharged when the synchro experiences a direct telefrag, meaning. It gets replaced with a character or monster/summon.

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Thank you super for your reply. If you could give an I game example of generating a telefrag as a xelor I will understand, as I specifically do not understand that concept in it's entirety. I see it would be easy with xelors-punch but I do not know what else would cause frags

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It took me relearning the class by releveling to get a grasp of how to do it and do it well. If you want, if you are on echo, my ign is Xyrla (For my xelor) and we can do a challenge and go over some first hand steps on how to do it. I'm heavily considering changing my sacrier to a xelor when I feel comfortable with generating frags enough that I can solo (Hesitant because sacriers are really capable at staying alive solo so maybe my sram but idk yet)

Also, this post helped me understand it better.

Click here

The general focus though is this. If you want a telefrag on someone, move someone/something onto that person with your spells. Either teleport, in some cases, flight/rewind, temporal paradox, etc. My current turn 2 favorite is place a dial at the mid point between me and an enemy and use teleport. I also like playing checkers in a sense and teleporting several times to get as many frags as possible but until I can get 6 mp and scrolled agi, this is currently more difficult than i'd like.

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