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Wisdom Xelor?

By gobbollyiel - SUBSCRIBER - April 26, 2018, 19:56:05


I used to play dofus over 4 years ago.  I am looking to return in one of the new single account servers and was wondering what people though about wisdom/chance xelors.  

I know they used to be really good back in the day but today they seem non-existent.  Even though its not as good as a agi or int xelor (from what ive seen searching the itnernet), is it still possible to make a good wisdom/chance xelor that can be really usefull in dofus?

Please let me know how they work in:

Solo Pvm:
Team Pvm:
Solo Pvp:
Team Pvp:

I am hoping that even though there sets might be expensive that it still works?  Please let me know if it is worth a try or if they are absolutely useless.

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I'm wis/chance. Its still a very powerful build. Espeically once Clock hits level 3 (level 178 I think?) 

Solo PVM: This can be slow at lower levels. You will rely a lot on Synchro (since its damage is unaffected by stats). You have great range though  

At higher levels you should fair fine, clock is a life steal and on a telefragged enemy it also steals 4AP. A lot of monsters arent bothered by ap loss but you'll find plenty who are and cant attack. 

Team PVM: you'll do fine. You wont hit as hard as others but you still have great map manipulation, ap theft when viable, good range, and you can still boost your teams AP. 

Solo PVP: Your cancer. Everyone's big mad. 

Telefrag, Clock, Telefrag, Clock = -8 AP, moderate damage, a lifesteal for you, and +2AP your next turn. Alternatively you can Slow down, slow down, hourglass, clock and go for -10 AP. 

With ap boost and dial it becomes incredibly easy to steal 10-12 AP from some players (depending on wis/ap red rea of course) 

Team PVP; here is where you will most notably be less effective than other colors because of your lower damage. That said in the right circumstances you can totally sabotage the entire other team (Hourglass gets an Area or effect on telefrag enemies. I've triple hourglassed a team huddled up in kolo to steal 6 AP from all 3 characters for only 6 of my own ap) 

Solo PVM you'll be slower and for team PVP youll have to play smart to be effective. But it's still a very viable build! 

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What is it wis for ? I was an old player whom played dofus between 2005-2012 and had a wis/cha xelor . On those dates wis is for reflection. Now, I couldn't see any reflection spell(s) which is dissapointing for me. 

I returned to dofus again, but i'm confused about new spell and stat system. It's really hard to choose any class right now. Thanks to class changeable class system, I choose unexcited Cra, but I'm not happy on it.

Please help me to back my xelor. I need a good build on that to play again as a xelor.

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Wisdom currently is primarily used for AP/MP removal and resistance towards them. Though you also get more experience the more of it you have.

And I believe Xelor has one spell to reflect damage on an opponent(iirc), but I don’t remember its name. Why not go check the character page for the class here?

I don’t have any build suggestions for it though(I only played a Xelor up to Level 80 and can’t really get behind how it works), there might be a guide on the forum somewhere.

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Str is best now. Dark Ray is insane on enemies in telefrag state:

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