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Str/Agi help

By somebodystolenmyaccount - SUBSCRIBER - February 19, 2019, 15:05:39

Hey guys,
ive returned to the game after approx 3/4 years. I have a 180ish xelor which has a str/agi build. Im wondering if anyone can help me with spell variants and gameplay? Or if theres some guides out there that i missed? 
Thanks smile

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Oof im very late to this post. My main is a water xelor but I have a good idea about Xelor as a whole. Str/agi or pure str are the meta builds so thats good! So Earth deals insane damage with dark ray by consuming the enemies telefrag debuff. Agility deals very high damage using shriveling on a telefragged target but it doesn't consume the state. Earth is normally extremely short ranged but having agility will let you play from a further distance if you choose. For gameplay you would build up your ap first turn while teleport is unable to be used. (Cog, haziness, dial flight telefrag) then next turn you place your dial towards the enemy teleport over to them telefrag them with Xelors fist, frostbite, or your choice of skill. Cast return and shrivelling them with as much ap as you have left. Youll return to the cell where you started your turn and they have the telefrag state. So now next turn you can Rhol bak and teleport back over there, shirvelling shrivelling dark ray to consume the telefrag state. Your biggest burst combo would require you to have 12 ap and the enemy to already be telefragged and itd be dark ray (5 ap), mummification (2 ap), Dark ray. Earth also has one of xelors only -effect duration skills (loss of motivation) though it consumes the telefrag state. The old guides have a lot of telefragging tips that are key to playing a good xelor. Cheers

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Thanks for all this detail Alic... I'm not the one who made this post, but this is the exact info I was hoping to find and wanted to say thanks.

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