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A Guide For Intelligence Sacriers (UPDATING)

By xAfflictionx#1359 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 19, 2011, 02:47:10

Intelligence Sacrier

I made this 3 years ago and since a lot has changed, and I wanted to update this for newer players to the sacrier class and hopefully help others down the line. I'll try to update this much more frequently and pack in as much info as I can.

What's a Sacrier?

A sacrier is the brawler class of the dofus world, you take hits for you team and in return you get stronger. They excel in map manipulation, positioning, and damage. Depending on which element and skills you choose you vary from being a brawler, drain tank, damage dealer, and support.


Sacriers have unique characteristic soft caps in the fact that everything excluding vitality starts at 3:1, don't be discouraged though sacriers also have the most to gain by putting all points into vitality because for them it's 1:2. Also the absence of any other stat (excluding wisdom) can be easily obtained via the wide variety of punishments in the sacrier's arsenal to offset the drawback of putting all points into vitality.









Pain Shared

Description: This spell acts as a normal punishment but with a twist, it only affects allies that you cast it on and gives them +dmg% when they take damage.
Thoughs: A very useful spell in group PvE and PvP. If you plan on soloing a lot of the time don't bother putting points into it. Sure you can cast this on your flying sword/chafer/arachnee but in the long run it's not worth it.

Pro Tip: Upon casting on allies use bloodthirsty madness to immediately apply the buff to them. This if often followed by Life Transfer to replace lost health.


Description: This spell allows you to pull targets closer to you within a straight line.
Thoughts: This solves the problem of the sacrier's lack of ranged spells and is great for relocating targets and manipulating the battlefield. In PvE monsters generally run towards you but not all of them so this spell is still needed. In PvP, however, most targets generally run away from you so dragging them close or simply distorting the battlefield is often needed.

Forced Punishment

Description: Allows you to increase your strength every time you are hit.
Thoughts: It is either this or nimble punishment that you will take early on to make it through the early game. My preference would be forced punishment because strength offers higher life steal than agility thus making soloing and general fighting easier and requiring less bread.

Sacrier's Foot

Description: Deals moderate earth damage in a cross formation with life steal.
Thoughts: The spell that will get you through the early game, the added AoE is amazing and the life steal is greater than agility which will help you through those difficult fights. If surrounded on all 4 sides you can swap+foot to hit 3/4 of the mobs around you for a ton of life steal. Also later on if you reach 11 ap you can choose to hybrid allowing you to Absorb x2 and x1 foot for a hefty amount of life steal potential.


Description: Allows you to dodge ALL damage at CC range (1square) for 1 turn.
Thoughts: A very handy spell at times, in the chance you are surrounded you can cast this to avoid all damage except some slight pushback damage depending on the creatures. Also this can save you or an allies life when going against a monster that deals CC damage as a way to stall for time. In PvP this can be used to avoid many CC spells like Iop's Wrath , Furia , Punishment , ect. Due to the long cooldown knowing when to use this is key.


Description: Basically this spell lets you switch positions with an ally or enemy within 1 square.
Thoughts: A very handy spell, excellent for getting around summons or altering a targets position. This spell used to give the sacrier unprecedented position control but due to patch 2.10 it was gutted to it's current state. It still is a hand spell don't get me wrong, but at 2ap and 2 casts per turn it is nearly useless.


Description: Deals moderate to high air damage with small life steal.
Thoughts: Personally unless you plan to hybrid ignore this early on and stick with strength or if you feel confident enough that the lack of AoE and proper life steal will not slow you down.

Nimble Punishment

Discription: Lets you increase your agility each time you are hit.
Thoughts: Even though you are not agility this spell serves an important role as to keeping opponents and monsters locked. A tip for this to to lock your target with your back against a wall to prevent them pushing you away. Also the added agility will prevent you from being locked by summons, allowing you to freely maneuver around the battlefield. Take it or leave it at early levels but definitely look to max this asap.


Description: Deals moderate to high water damage with life steal.
Thoughts: Unless you plan to hybrid or go for a 12ap build ignore this. This can also be an alternative to being strength or agility early on and will increase your PvE survivability significantly.

Bold Punishment

Description: Increases your chance every time you are hit.
Thoughts: Like stated above unless you choose this over agility or strength later on, ignore this.

Spiritual Punishment

Description: Allows you to increase your intelligence each time you are hit.
Thoughts: This will be your main punishment, it not only acts as a way to boost your damage but also your healing capabilities with special healing weapons. With the bonus to healing aspect you can act as a decent healer with the right equipment and even being able to dish out heavy damage. Max asap.


Description: Allows you to take damage in the place on an ally.
Thoughts: A shadow of its former glory, granted it has its uses but due to the fact that you no longer swap positions with the affected ally or receive damage based on your own resistances it is not worth leveling early. Unless you plan to do heavy group PvE or Kollo you can get away with not leveling this spell at all to super late game.


Description: Allows you to inflict heavy fire damage from a distance with an added steal effect.
Thoughts: Here is your main attack, it has the most range out of all your attack spells when equipped with Nailed Thongs and even with out it's tied with Fury and Assault at 3 range. The ability to attack a distance allows you to be a more passive attacker and when you combine this spell with Life Transfer you can provide consistent heals for your team while reducing the health loss to you in the latter. A strong spell overall with great single target damage but unlike it's chance counterpart the lack of AoE makes multi-target fights longer that usual.

Vital Punishment

Description: Allows you to gain vitality each time you are hit.
Thoughts: A great way to reduce damage to yourself early on in both PvE and PvP but after so long you will notice that this spells usefulness will deteriorate over time as the enemies get stronger. In early PvP this is a must as enemies usually wont hit to much higher than this spell will protect you for except for a select few class builds. If it wasn't for the weakened state and duration I think this might have seen more use in high level situations. Max early if you feel you need the survivability later on you might want to de-level however for more useful spells.


Description: Allows you to switch positions with enemy.
Thoughts: This spell can be used with transposition for great map manipuation, which is very helpful in PvP. Also this can be used to single out a target in a group or put yourself in the center of a group whichever you need. Also since leveling this only reduces the cooldown period maxing this can be put on hold if needed, but should be maxed at some point soon.


Description: Allows you to switch positions with an ally.
Thoughts: A strong map manipulator in team play, and in solo play it can used on a summon to get closer or away from a target. Might find more use of this spell than cooperation but together they act as good re-position tools. Like cooperation this should be leveled soon.


Description: Hits the target for heavy neutral damage when health is at 50%
Thoughts: This spell is incredibly strong when used at the right time and with the right amount of health. It's effective health percentile is more like 40-60% before a chunk is cut from its damage. When combined with attraction and the right amount of movement points it can be hard for the target to avoid before getting you out of the 40-60% range. Leveling only reduces the cooldown so it's down to preference but maxing it could be difference between hitting multiple times within it's effective health pool or not.


Description: Hits for small water-type damage with a +dmg boost and also a 1% of your total health neutral damage penalty when your hit for 1 turn.
Thoughts: Can be a great buffing spell as you can rack up +dmg in a short amount of time which pairs well with Leek Pie . As an Intelligence sacrier this spell is not needed right away but on the turns where you can't do anything dumping your ap on furys' is a wise thing to do.

Flying Sword

Description: Summons a flying sword to aid you in combat.
Thoughts: After you get this spell you versatility doubles as you now have an effective ally to use your ally map manipulation spells on in solo PvP and PvE. With only a 5 turn cooldown for a decently powerful summon I feel it's well worth the points. At epic levels the usefulness is questionable and up to personal preference if it should be leveled.

Life Transfer

Description: Lets you sacrifice 10% of your health to heal allies around you in an AoE
Thoughts: A handy healing spell that can save a team if the healer dies or you need more healing output. Don't expect to see much use of this spell solo, however, in groups and if you are able to sustain yourself with life steal this is an excellent support spell.

Bloodthirsty Madness

Description: Allows you to steal a fixed amount of health from an ally.
Thoughts: This can be a very handy spell to prolong your death by casting it on summons or allies that are willing to lose a chunk of health to keep you going. Due to the nerfs however this spell can often be left at level 1 since the life gain is minimal at best.


Level 1: Young Adventurer Set OR Boon Set .

Recommended Choice: Young Adventurer Set

Level 20: Young Adventurer Set ORGobball Set .

Recommended Choice: Young Adventurer Set

Level 46: Fire Kwak Set with Kam Assutra AmuletORRed Scaraleaf Set with Fire Kwak Set pieces.

Recommended Choice: Fire Kwak Set with Kam Assutra Amulet

Level 50: Cherry Blop Set

Level 60: Jellibelt , Jelliboots , Gelano , Turkoring , Turkocape , Royal Gobball Headgear , Eurfolles Daggers , and Kam Assutra Amulet.

**If you use an Emerald Mount replace Eurfolles Daggers with Excellent King's Staff**

Level 80: Royal Cherry Blop Set ,King Jellix's Crown , Excellent King's Staff , Gelano , Turkocape , and Emerald Mount.

**This set will last till Level 100**

Shika Set

Level 129: Dreggon Set, if you want to be extra tanky

Level 134: Ceremonial set, Gelano, Limbo Wand, and a Almond and Orchid Dragoturkey, This will give you 10AP 6MP 300intel 300agi and 1200hp.

Level 145: Soft Oak Set, Gelano, Limbo Wand, Almond and Orchid Dragoturkey, This will give you also 10AP 6MP, you only don't have 300 agi but 200str 400intel and 1400hp.



  • Chafers/Incarnam Dungeon
  • Lousy Pig Shepherds
  • Gobball Corner
  • Astrub Forest Mobs

  • Blops (weak to your element)
  • Lousy Pig Knights
  • Mushds


  • Gobballs (The Cradle)
  • Lousy Pig Knights + Shepherds
  • Dopples
  • Fungi Masters (along or with few others)
  • Cracklers
  • Prespics


  • Blops and Biblops that are weak to your element.
  • Dark Smiths, Dark Miners, and Dark Bakers in Bandit Territory
  • Drunken Pandawas
  • Fungi Masters (If they are alone or in tiny groups, which they hardly are).
  • Gobball Dungeon or mobs on Tainela.
  • Kwaks (that are weak to your element)
  • Lousy Pig Knights
  • Mushds
  • Spimushs
  • Treechnids
  • Trunknids
  • Vampyres
  • Bambootos
  • Blops
  • Bworks
  • Coral Beach (lone Palmflowers/Craborals)
  • Craborals and single Coralators if you can get to Otomai Island
  • Cracklers (can be found at Crackler Mountain)
  • Dark Smiths, Dark Miners, and Dark Bakers
  • Fungi Masters
  • Gobball Dungeon
  • Grossewer Rats
  • Kanigers
  • Lousy Pig Knights (Big groups)
  • Mushds in groups of 4 (with good wisdom set)
  • Sidimote Moors (lone Ouginaks and other monsters)
  • Plain Boars
  • Scaraleafs
  • Treechnids
  • Vampyres (1~2 Vampyre Masters probably wouldn't hurt)

  • Kanigers
  • Blop Dungeon
  • Blops and Biblops - Facing groups weak to your element is easiest
  • Brakmar Rat Dungeon - Around level 500 group
  • Coral Beach (Multiple Palmflowers/Craborals with Coralators)
  • Chafers - Mobs in The Cemetery work best
  • Gobball Dungeon
  • Grassy Plains
  • Grossewer Rats
  • Koalaks
  • Piglets
  • Ouassingue Ouginaks and other monsters on the Sidimote Moors
  • Scaraleafs - Large mobs
  • Vampyres
  • The Wabbit Islands - 4-6 mobs, according to level

COMING SOON 100-200, Hybridizing, PvP, Equipment
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Looks pretty good so far..

- Spirit.
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wow ty!!!!
u help me alot biggrin
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I would go with shika inglasse set at 80. It gives a lot less int but also gives chance (Meaning that int iops with a lot of int res will become a piece of cake) and extremely good resists.
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You could wear Cherry Blop Set at 50,
Also Summoning of Cawwot, Chafer, Arachnee may be useful, aswell as having Leek Pie.

- Spirit.
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I was hoping I could put in a PVP section, I have a rank 4 (i know its not that high, but i got that flawlessly in 1 day) Soo... what i can tell u is sacriers CAN win every fight. Always (some exceptions are osas.) All Im trying to say is I have experience and I was hoping on expanding this post. Anyways thats all.. thanks smile
- Itz-Hot (Rushu)
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Nice guide (Bit late) But i would love to know if Intel Sacs are the strongest types please respond soon (:
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Intelligence Sacriers are very ineffective with 1v1 pvp dead and with mp restricted to 6.
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I disagree that they are ineffective; certainly for 1v1 they will not deal the same damage as another build, but for Kolo the Int build is the base for the most optimized, all purpose resistance build.
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drayr|2013-02-15 20:25:02
I disagree that they are ineffective; certainly for 1v1 they will not deal the same damage as another build, but for Kolo the Int build is the base for the most optimized, all purpose resistance build.

They tend to be sandbags in kolo though.
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necro'd tongue 
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