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BEst set for Chance/Agility Sacrier

By Ques-Alt November 07, 2011, 05:25:51
I need 450 agi, as most chance/vit/wis as i can get tongue

Reason for agi is for mush cuteers

Posted a similar topic in general class descussion but realised that it belonged in here

Thanks for your help smile
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You look as though your just about ready for a CB set. just grind out those last lvls and save your money for it! then your kind of OP omni sac!
Score : 2580
Celestial Bearbarian Set?

Yere i'll make that my next set in that case

I'll get my wisdom as high as possbile and grind frig mobs biggrin

Any other suggestions for spare slots?I need at least 450 agi tongue 
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Since you want to equip mush cuteers why not just go full shroom, pot belly, bherbal, and memori, harries. Pretty cookie cutter set right there, plus you would be 1/2 on dags easily. I dont think you would need much chance since punishment already provides you with enough imo.
Score : 2580
i've changed my mind and I'm gonna wait till Godswrath dags. THis requires 400 Stregnth and 400agility.It's a level 194 weapon too. Any ideas for sets?

A friend suggested the Fuji Snowfoux Set which is surposed to be one of the best sets for str/agi in the game. If I do use this then which custom items should i use to reach 400 agi/str plus some chance (if possible, otherwise ignore it) pluse 10 ap and okay mp.
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Scroll 101 strnagi.
Fuji set is like 240str max? Can get overmage.
Owmigawd ring for ap if no ochre.
Bherbal belt; I got 72agi only. dunno max.
Battle flag ammy 30str 50agi.
Str agi vit trophies;
431 str n 522 agi. >Enough for a poor sac :3.<
PvM use Cawwot, lock and dodge trophies /kaliptus
PvP use ap res, lock n dodge. /turq + 16+ for 1/2 spells?
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Mopy King set + Ch stiff with those two.
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