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Agi/cha sets?

By talith December 31, 2011, 13:27:20
Right now, my sac is going into a mixed set with 1/2 on br sags at 108, but given this weekend's double xp, I started looking at sets a bit higher. So far I'm looking at solomonk, dp ring, mastic band, Harry boots, mastic cloak, ancestral belt, dreggon amulet, and br dags. This gives, at the highest stats, 260 agi, 120 chance and strength, 1200 vit, 60 damage, and 29 crits. With a bwak i'll have roughly 350 agi. Any ideas on daggers around 126-128 that are good for agi and have 1/30 base?
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I would say either Dagger Manic (more wisdom, better damage and more useful stats) or Ramougre's Setter (double the vitality ,life steal and ap theft ).
Score : 4430
yea, i bought an airmaged set of ram setters with +6 crits and 50 str/cha. with those i'm looking at solomonk, sandals titude (harry boots are a little extreme on both farming or direct purchase, but still might go with them if i can get them at a bargain price), DP ring, farle wedding ring, dreg belt, and dreg amulet. might stay with mastic cloak or craft a mastralis instead. this gives 27 crits, 235 (315) agi, 225 str, and roughly +50 damage i believe.
Score : 10989
I had the same set at that level without the chance equips.
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